Why Do People Fail In Agel?

Discussion in 'Agel' started by BeAChampion, Nov 21, 2008.

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    The #1 reason why Agel reps struggle to build their Agel business is the same reason why all reps from all direct selling companies fail.

    #1 reason for failure: Trying to covince and 'sell' others your Agel opportunity up front.

    #2 reason for failure: Lack of Marketing Knowledge.

    If you really want to succeed in Agel you first have to teach and share your marketing knowledge to your prospects up-front.

    Then once your prospects gain results from using your knowledge, they will want to use their new found knowledge to make themselves money and will want to join you in Agel and work with you in Agel because they already know before hand that they will be successful.

    Do the Opposite of the 97% of failing Agel reps and stop 'selling' Agel.

    Instead teach and share your marketing knowledge and then you'll gain new Agel team members on the back-end.

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    Good point, but you say the number 2 reason people fail is a lack of knowledge. If there is a lack of knowledge its hard to share and teach knowledge to your prospects. If the expectations are set properly when you begin perhaps and proper goals are set your chances are better.
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    I think the products are too expensive and it costs too much to join at executive.


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