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Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by OnMyWayToWealth, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. OnMyWayToWealth

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    Selling the business opportunity? Both Coastal and GRN offer impeccable business opportunities but what bothers me the most is that the call centers focus only on selling the business opportunity and not the product. That screams MLM scam. I feel like once I join I may have a hard time trying to explain that to people. What if I recruit someone that wants to focus on selling the product and not just the biz opp. It almost seems as if you are all really just selling biz opps and not a product. It seems as if these call centers put the product on the back burner. I actually think the products are priceless when used the right way so why can't these call centers focus on closing sales for people who just want to buy into the product as well?

    I would love to have a chat with the person who runs the call centers because I believe that both Coastal and GRN can become more reputable and bring in more money for its distributors if the call centers focused on selling the products as well. Does anyone here agree? Could you direct me to the creator of the call centers? I think if we all got together and requested this, that maybe the creators of the call center would implement this into the call centers because I just can't see me promoting a only business opportunity and no product. I would like to do both and if the call center worked this way, this would attract more people. Comments are welcome and appreciated!
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    I think it is because most of the people they are contacting are not concerned about what the product is - all they want to learn about is how they make money from home.

    That has been my experience anyways, especially when you are working leads that you buy - most of those are answering generic work at home ads.

    (The best leads are the ones YOU generate as they usually love travel plus are looking to work at home[​IMG])

    If you want to target the travel industry , it is a different market than the home business industry.

    I don't know much about GRN but with Coastal, if you want tips on marketing the packages retail just go to the official coastal training dot com site and plug into Scott's B2B calls..

    I agree, we have a wonderful product - but I also tend to believe that if you are truly out to help people, you can be marketing buttons and if they trust that you will be able to help them make money with it, they will join you - lol
  3. OnMyWayToWealth

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    I understand what you are saying but simply selling business opportunities with no emphasis on a products is illegal. Go here:
    http://doj.nh.gov/consumer/sourcebook/schemes.html for examples. I know both GRN and Coastal offer legitimate biz opps I just really can't stand the fact they focus is the business opportunity and not the product.
  4. asebf

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    OnMyWayToWealth: I just really can't stand the fact they focus is the business opportunity and not the product.

    You have your answer. You are not going to change how they do things - so you simply do not use them.

    You have to "sell" what people want. The vast majority are seeking a way to earn money from home. If you can find a way to advertise that attracts just those that are looking for the product only - go with that. There is no reason to be critical of a process that works, but you do not want to use.

    You have every right to your opinion, but I do not see the need to slam something publicly just because you want to market something a different way.

    What if I did not like your hair style? Would it be OK with you if I posted a flyer with your picture on it and the words underneath explaining that this hair style is an example of one of the worst hairstyles ever dreamed up by an ignorant stylist? JUST because I don't like it?

    If you don't like their service - don't use it. But slamming something for no reason?

    I also read the warning page you posted. I fail to see where it addresses anything you are speaking of.

    And just as an aside, I am not working in either program.
  5. hsimpsonjr

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    Hi Brittni,
    I think the main reason the call center doesn't have retail options is because they make money on members joining the call center teams. They don't make money on retail sales of any kind. There are several third party companies that offer retail sites for GRN and I imagine that is why the call center doesn't offer a GRN retail site. I do know that Coastal has a retail site with the COA network but I can't remember how much it is. The call center just doesn't benefit from retail sales.
  6. closerjim

    closerjim Active Member

    Hello Readers ...

    Brittni was a member of ours for about 2 days and chose to quit
    before really doing anything ... just a case of "I'm not sure." I think.

    But, the answer to the question is more or less answered by Harold.

    We don't (neither does the "other" call center) split member pay
    from sales. So, when someone joins a Call Center, they have to pay
    the Call Center fee. That is the only way Staff, the Center, etc. are
    able to be paid.

    If someone says, "I don't want to earn money, I don't like the idea
    of being paid and all I want to do is travel with this product." -- we
    have no issues with that.

    But we also cannot close that sale for the Member, as there is no
    pay to be had in a pure RETAIL sale.

    So, we simply tell them, "Fine ... here is the Member's name and
    number ... call them, or we'll have them call you, and you can buy
    the product direct from them."

    You can by a burger and eat it. Or you can buy the burger stand
    and sell them AND eat a few too.

    We sell the stand. The member can sell all the burgers they want
    to on their own too.

    Further questions ... don't hesitate to ask. We are the only Coastal
    Group and Call Center that offers a performance guarantee as well.

    Have a super week, everyone.
  7. closerjim

    closerjim Active Member

    Hello Once Again ....

    Just to complete the response about "focusing only on the business
    opp is illegal...." --- is not accurate at all.

    In addition, when someone attends our free Web Presentation (which
    you can get to by filling in the invitation link off the site) you see we
    do put due emphasis and detail about the product in that presentation.

    But when people come to us, or depending on how someone is focusing
    their marketing, they may end up with most (or all) the people they
    talk with, focused on earning MONEY first.

    Why someone would not like that when their own business focus
    is on retail --- what difference does that make to you how someone
    else markets?

    The general reason we've found is because you can lose sales to
    someone else (another group, another person) if you're own ability
    to sell is limited by your skills, attitudes, level of knowledge, and the
    prospects you talk to "read that" in your voice and how you present
    the program.

    Don't feel bad about that ... instead, hire a team to do that part for you.

    Just a thought ....

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