Why Governments Want Home Based Businesses to Succeed !

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by Aspire, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. Aspire

    Aspire New Member

    I was doing some web brousing and came across a site dedicated to exposing MLM scams and sending them to court. The site itself was interesting reading and made me feel comfortable with my MLM.

    What was interesting is that this site which really rips into bad MLM's had a section that was dedicated to promoting MLM's and any Home Based Business.

    I knew that the US Government had healthy tax incentives encouraging people there to start a Home Based Business, but it didn't strike home why they were doing it until I read this story.

    They are faced with the realism of diminishing Social Securities payments for retirees and an increasing elderly population. This reminded me of a recent media story about my Australian Governments concerns with our aging population and not enough people with sufficient superannuation for their retirement. Home Based Businesses will fix this problem saving the Governments Billions of $$$$'s.

    This is an interesting read and helps me to realise that not only am I presently helping people to become financially free - I am also helping to lessen the future financial problems of different governments in supplying a pension to the aged.

    Good motivation for us all !


  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Aspire: I am also helping to lessen the future financial problems of different governments in supplying a pension to the aged.

    It is so sad to see people live the 40 - 40 - 40 plan... work 40 hours a week for 40 years only to retire on 40% of what they had a hard time living on in the first place...

    By the grace of God I will not be working in Walmart when I hit 65![​IMG]
  3. BillChechel

    BillChechel New Member

    My father is in that boat. Worked all of his life and put into Social Security and will receive next to nothing compared to his working life income.

    I know I wont see a dime so thats why I intend to fix it now while I am able. Its a sad state of affairs. They used all of our SS money for other projects now my generation will take the brunt of high taxes. And they want the government to take over our HealthCare system? You gotta be kidding me!

    We all need to find a way to secure our own retirement . Whats great is we get to teach others to do the same by owning their own businesses. Its a win/win situation. Then we can stop relying on Uncle Sam's broken promises.
  4. Aspire

    Aspire New Member

    BillChechel: We all need to find a way to secure our own retirement

    It goes a little deeper than this with me Bill.

    Yes - I am working to secure my retirement, and that hopefully will be soon. What bothers me is the world we have brought our kids into.

    We all start off in our life with the best wishes of our parents and their desire to offer us a better life than what they had, but today there are huge conserns worrying me with how my 4 children will manage to survive.

    Once upon a time (notice the Fairy-Tale connotation), everyone's dream was to buy a home - build up a little family wealth and inevitably pass it on to their kids. Rising cost of living, increases in interest rates and spiralling real estate prices seem to have this dream in limbo for many. Just surviving day to day is a major task for the majority of the worlds population. In general, the cost of living in proportion to your "Take Home Pay" is not as good today as what it was 20 years ago.

    Any Home Based Business or MLM that offers you the opportunity to fix this problem is worth diving into "Boots and all". It doesn't matter how small or large your earning is, as long as it increases your standard of living it is worth while doing. (I am preaching to the converted in this Forum - but it is good to remind yourself from time to time).

    I personally am finding so much information in this Forum that is helping me - This is a very special community we have here......

  5. mkidd6

    mkidd6 New Member

    I have to say that one of the biggest motivations that I have for working my business (other than being home to school by boys) is that I'm so tired of people working and not having enough left over at the end of the month, much less to invest in retirement.

    Not only do I want to teach others that there is more to life then barely getting by, I want to show my children a better way. The world is getting to be a scary place and I want to make sure my little guys know how to be successful - even in today's economy!
  6. Aspire

    Aspire New Member

    mkidd6: I want to show my children a better way

    You know what.... Kids are amazingly adaptable, and even though we worry about how they will fit into the future, they will.

    The economic factors of day to day living have changed relative to "Great-Grandma's days", and this is where I worry. What would Great-Grandma think about the world we live in today????

    We need to help them to get a good education for a basic start in life. Where I am in Australia, you need to have a High School year 12 graduation to be able to work in most large supermarkets at the check-out.

    One of the main driving forces I have is to help them to get into their own home. This will help them to enjoy their later years without the struggle we encountered to do the same.
  7. PMHayes

    PMHayes New Member

    BillChechel: And they want the government to take over our HealthCare system? You gotta be kidding me!
    Amen! I am a Registered Respiratory Therapist, work in a Pediatric ICU, here in The Carolinas. I have been in healthcare for 34 years. The more the government gets it's mits into the industry, the worse it becomes. Physicians have increasingly less "say" in the matter of what procedures, tests, meds a patient needs, as Insurance companies more and more dictate what they should or should not do. They accomplish this by refusing to pay. The docs have to use the right diagnoses to get those meds, procedures, etc. paid for by the Insurance companies. It's awful and getting worse.

    I'm in MLM for a lot of reasons, two of them are stated in this post. Social Security will not be there for my generation, and even if it is, it won't be enough to live on. Secondly, I'm tired of working in an industry (healthcare) that is becoming underfunded and overegulated. If you want to ruin an industry, let the government have control of it. Nuff Said.

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