Why is everyone so scared?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by melodee, Mar 1, 2015.

  1. melodee

    melodee New Member

    I am part of a referral program that has made me a good income but now everyone is so scared of scams that they won't sign up. I think the more I try to convince them they run away. Its frustrating because even last year, people weren't so difficult! It was easy to get sign ups and people wanted a work at home oppurtunity. What's the deal with people nowadays? Has anyone noticed everyone now is just writing things of as a scam without even trying it?
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  2. casmin

    casmin New Member

    Hi Melodee

    I feel the same way, I totally understand that people find it had to trust nowadays, alot of it has to do with the fact that a lot of people in this world want to make fast money with little work done which is unlikely, as you will know being a referrer what u put in is what u get out. they hear the words Great income and expect it to come overnight, when it doesn't they lose faith in the home based idea and give up. one of the things i realized being a referrer also is i have to start looking for people like myself people who want to do what we are doing, people who understand that hard work pays off, PEOPLE who really want it bad. if i have to convince someone to change their life for the better then to be honest i wouldn't want to refer them anyway. like yourself i am GENUINE and most referrers are not so its hard for people to believe or trust them. maybe we should connect and go looking for some like minded people.

    p.s good subject
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  3. KB24

    KB24 Active Member

    maybe they have been scammed in the past and it was a bad expierence for them. With this "make money from home" thing I was skeptical at first but I did my research. Not all programs out there are scams but you have to do thourough research.
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  4. casmin

    casmin New Member

    I totally agree. I think most people who are successful in online marketing can tell us about a time when they have been scammed. I know I have a number of times. Hence the reason I always do a full research.( follow my gut feeling). The only bad thing is it makes it a bit harder for affiliates who are not passionate about it. what I've learnt is: do it from the heart. Genuinely wanting to help other people change their life. it's the ones that just do it for the money which scares people off.
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  5. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    I think there are just a lot of people out there who still believe every opportunity to make money online is a scam. Sometimes showing them a site has a proven payment history can help. :)
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  6. proletariat

    proletariat New Member

    If either side of the negotiation has to explain why it is not a scam, there's a huge problem. People have every reason and even obligation to be skeptical. They should ask the hard questions and expect an honest answer. If it is legitimate, there should be proof in some fashion. If they are still not convinced, there's not a whole lot that can be done other than re-examining why it is perceived as a fraud. Some business models simply have a bad reputation such as junk bonds, the exotic paper market, Pink Sheets and used cars to name a few.
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  7. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    Maybe trying to convince them is the wrong approach.
    Try instead to persuade them.
    People tend to use those two words interchangeably but there is a subtle difference in meaning.
    'Convince' appeals to one's logical thinking and usually involves a direct, hard, potentially combative approach.
    Persuade appeals to one's emotional side and uses an indirect, softer, gentler tact.
    And as we know, people make buying decisions based on emotion and then rationalize their decision intellectually.

  8. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    I would say if you have to convince anyone to join your business, they aren't going to be a good prospect to represent your business in the first place. 99% of people I would guess that have to be convinced will drop out, not follow through or go in looking for something wrong. They often become the thorn in your side if they stick around at all.

    What you focus on you attract so perhaps shift your focus away from the skeptics. Make it a personal rule that if you find yourself in convincing mode to just walk away from that prospect. When we spend time with the not so great prospects, we aren't available for the good prospects.
  9. SandraGJ

    SandraGJ Member

    I totally agree. The more people you contact, the more opportunities will you find for new affiliates. You can always go by the rule that ten out of one hundred people buy any product that someone is selling. It is just a matter of chance if you find them in the beginning of the list or at the end.
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  10. VicHugo

    VicHugo New Member

    Hi Melodee,

    The best thing to do is if they are in the "I want information mode to believe," give them your website and any relevant information that answer their questions.

    It's their responsibility to do their own due diligence instead of them taking advantage of your time that is very valuable .
    They can use their own time to investigate what was given to them.

    Guard your time big time and never let them take away your posture.
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  11. proletariat

    proletariat New Member

    That also means giving information that is easily accessible. When claims are made, the onus is always on the claimant.
  12. DCollier

    DCollier Member

    Its very tough to believe anything , who really constitutes the Truth. To shift your thinking to persuading or reasoning will bring out the next level (or trend) in bending the so called truth. The twisted scammers will infect this method also. So, at what time during our march in "Making money online " will it be respected and real . I'm in the pool of "Its very difficult to believe anything online"
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  13. Sam Britton

    Sam Britton New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Really interesting subject. I like many others have been scammed in the past and became very despondent with any form of online venture. It was only through recommendation from friends that I carried on looking and eventually settled with the right network marketing company for me.

    The most crucial part of building any business online these days it to build rapport, relationships and trust with people you meet and if you are completely honest with them then they will want to work with you. Getting to this stage these days takes time, effort and patients. When it does finally happen for you, people will start to recommend you and your online credibility starts to grow along with your business.

    My advice is to be your own person and don't try to give people false hope and oversell. I am always totally up front and very honest with all of my team members right from day 1 and for this I have great results and fantastic relationships with them all.

    Lots of people still believe that network marketing is some type of pyramid scheme or scam but these objections are few and far between for me now due to the way in which I run my business online. People that make it to my site and enquire about the opportunity in most cases have already researched the business and are pre-sold. I never mention the company to anyone unless they ask me and my site concentrates on the business model.

    Having success online or offline take time and persistence. Doing a little every day will bring you great results but unfortunately a lot of people give up before they come.
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  14. Dereco Cherry

    Dereco Cherry Member

    The deal is you must get people to like, know and trust you. That is where your marketing skills come in to play. You can do this with videos, blogs and providing consistent content to your audience. I know I wouldn't signup or buy anything from anyone who didn't fit the above said criteria.
  15. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Once someone tries to make money online and then fails, they tend to think that all opportunities out there are also a scam.

    What you want to do is to work with NEW people who have never tried online marketing before. You can find THOUSANDS of them every day.
  16. WorkAtHome_Pam

    WorkAtHome_Pam New Member

    I understand this may be really frustrating, but instead of "trying to convince them", have you ever provided more information to these leads? By that I mean using analogy's so they understand why it is not a scam, explaining the product better than your competitors, in short, helping them understand it so they can make an educated decision!

    Here is a scenario I currently deal with, and how I overcome it.

    MCA Club of America and TVC is one of the most "misunderstood" opportunities around. People immediately compare it to AAA and don't understand the major difference in cost. Also, since they only heard of MCA Club when it became a work from opportunity in 2011, they think it's crap and that they are hiding behind TVC.

    Very few marketers out there spend enough time explaining these answers (they probably don't know themselves), but they just try and "convince them" it's good, often to no avail.

    My website covers all of these issues and more!

    People never heard of MCA Club because this was roadside assistance available to commercial truck drivers only, most people don't have a CDL and wouldn't know this, but it only became available to 4-wheelers (as they are referred to by truckers) in 2011.....hence the affiliate program. This is their way of expanding quickly.

    They have been partnered with TVC (Truckers Voice in Court) for many years now, MCA offered the roadside assistance (promise you don't want the tow bill for a tractor!), and TVC provided legal assistance to fight citations, and/or accidents a professional driver may have. Their services could literally save your career, and I know this because I was a driver years ago, and these services were promoted in truck stops. (long before the internet opportunity)

    This is the reason for the cost difference between them and AAA, and this is also why there are two names involved....and this is the information I provide so freely at my site so that people understand, then they do not need "convincing."

    It works for me, and always the way I approach any product or opportunity I am promoting.

    Hope that helps! :)
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  17. ChrisC

    ChrisC New Member

    Don't pitch, teach and support.
  18. jmcpro

    jmcpro New Member

    Anyone who is looking for an opportunity to earn money online already has some belief that it's possible. So don't try to "convince" them to believe that you're not pitching a scam. Just show them what your opportunity has to offer. Be straight up about it. What they need is information about how it works, not encouragement to buy.
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    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Good points,

    In my experience, if you have to convince someone to make a purchase or join your business as an affiliate or distributor, then you are in the wrong business. Anyone who has ever been successful has been scammed, this is how we all learn, so given the fact most people who are seeking an extra income have been scammed, you have to be more careful as I have learned. Every time I was scammed, it was a program that I was pressured to join, hard sold, hyped up over, etc., sound familiar?

    The point is, if you have to be hard sold on a purchase or hyped over the income potential, then you will be disappointed in the end for most people cannot sell, nor do they like to be pressured or hyped into joining your business. If you find yourself having to do this, find another business. I like to tell people how to save money on what they are already paying for, easy as it gets, no convincing, no hype, the income comes easier when you only have to tell someone about a product, not sell them.

    Success to all,
  20. BillF2

    BillF2 New Member

    There are great number of good ideas here. What has always worked well for me is building rapport "first". I think too many people rush in for the sale without establishing trust.

    Building rapport takes time but it's well worth it and it pays for itself - long term. There are a number of ways to build rapport, i.e. ....start a newsletter, give away a free ebook, post articles, etc.

    If you focus on building rapport, it won't be too long before people buy from you. People buy from those they trust.

    All the best!

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