Why not create a co-op

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by aaronF, Jul 11, 2014.

  1. aaronF

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    Why not join together with others from this forum and others to create a Co-Op to create jobs. There is more talent here than in many company's that I have worked for. We just need organized into departments such as sales and marketing, Finance, production, IT. Why do we insist on working for someone else when we could work for us and instead of making one man rich make a good living by profit sharing. We can organize and get the Phone contracts for company's like Cox Comcast Microsoft and many many more. Being employee owned and operated would make us unique from the other company's out there because the employees that work with us would be invested in the process and provide better results in turn produce more profits that would go back in our pockets. Any ideas?
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  2. Michael Dowds

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    I think this is a very good idea the thing that i think is not to look for too big at first i think it could be a bit like joint venturing lets hope some more people will be interested
  3. Robin Bull

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    All of the writing gigs I find are on my website (on the days I have time to update it). People can find them in that location. I just don't have time every day to post them to other places, too. I think that overall it is a great idea.

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