Why People Don't Care About My Opportunity :(

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by Franklin, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. Franklin

    Franklin New Member

    I use to ask myself that question. I joined a MLM a few years back thinking that I got the perfect opportunity that what I had everyone needed it and wanted. WRONG!

    People don't care about your opportunity!, they just don't. Nobody jumps out of the bed saying "lets get a MLM business today" no one does that. People don't care about your opportunity!

    I had met people that a soon as I say hello to them they come and say "I have great opportunity that I know you will like to hear about. So simple that a monkey can do it" than they go on and on. I dislike so much when people come and puke on me this way.

    Yup, they puke on me

    You must understand that the marketing rules of network marketing have changed. If you are not providing people with value, with information on how to do this or that, people will simply not buy from you.

    Don't get me wrong there are people online right now willing to join or buy what you have. But they are waiting on someone who can teach them how is done. As a matter of fact people don't join businesses they join people that can hold their hands and show them the way.

    For Example:

    I'm looking to learn how to ride a motorcycle because I'm planning to buy one. Than I do some research and I found 2 dealers offering motorcycle classes, in dealer (A) the sales person was pushy talking about how good the sale are doing how great the specials that they are running.

    But they really are offering the best price in town, while the other dealer (B) YOU are offering me the same classes for FREE but the prices are not as good as dealer (A).

    I decided to go with you, and you took me by the hand and taught me everything that I needed to know and even gave me a manual on how to do motorcycle maintenance all this for free no cost what so ever.

    The time comes I'm ready to buy my motorcycle who you think I will buy from?

    1) Dealer (A) The Best Price In Town.

    2) Dealer (B) YOU! That Gave Me FREE Classes, But Prices Are Not As Good As Dealer (A)

    3) I save My Money and Don't Buy My Motorcycle That I Always Wanted.

    4) None of The Above

    If you picked answer number 2 you are correct. Why pay more? Because you gave me value you showed me the how to, you never asked me to buy from you. Now I feel that I owe it to you. That's how Network Marketing works mixed with Attraction Marketing.

    If you are not implementing techniques like this one in your business you are leaving money on the table and sadly you will be another one that shortly will join the list of the 97% of network marketing owners that fail.

    Sorry but is the reality!

    If you look good in this forum you will learn many Attraction Marketing techniques. This is just one of many.

    You must learn to generate traffic and turn the traffic into leads and eventually into prospects create a system. [​IMG]
  2. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    People only want information and not preaching or hard selling. It will make them drift further.

    Actually, most online businesses work in this way. Preaching or hard selling will not help at all.
  3. ScottCofer

    ScottCofer Member

    Well said, Franklin.

    The trend in online marketing has recently started to reflect your observations. Marketers are starting to 'move the free line' and give away quality information in return for contact details.

    I think this is a great thing for two reasons:

    1) the receiver of the information (hopefully) gets quality content at no charge to help them in whatever topic they are inquiring.

    2) the marketer is seen as a helpful resource by that person, which makes the relationship-building that comes later much easier to accomplish.

    Win/win for both involved - a beautiful thing...

    Scott -

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  4. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    If you can show people how to get rid of debt with network marketing and improve their lives, then you will get a few to join you.

    This business is a numbers game and if you can work with a few key legs and they will go out there and build their own team, then you will succeed.

    Not everyone will join you but let's say that out of 100 people that you speak to, maybe 10-20 will see the big picture and build a large team too.
  5. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Franklin: You must learn to generate traffic and turn the traffic into leads and eventually into prospects create a system.
    Yes, Marketing steadily and consistently where you generate quality traffic to your website/business from people looking for an opportunity will help you be successful.

    Most people fail to follow the steady and consistent part, and thus stay in the same ole' situation.

    Residual income with network marketing has great powerful life changing potential, this is why so many go after it. More would see better results if they learned to market online and offline and not give up.
  6. Interesting,

    I would have to agree with your example, if I backed up ten years, but in todays economic collapse, deep recession, it all comes down to price, why else is the internet exploding with online stores and lowest price search sites, because most people only care about low prices now, not the nice salesperson, or fancy store, or free samples, it is now a bottom line world as I see it.

    Yes, being nice, not hammering people over the head with a hard sale pitch is still appreciated by many, but if your example of free classes was to hold up, that would only apply to those newbies who don't know how to ride a motorcyle, so the market attraction would be reduced significantly given most people who purchase motorcyles for the first time is small, as example.

    We are entering an age of frugality, people are hurting financially, and I have researched hundreds of businesses over the years, and in the end, price wins when equal product or quality is involved. A perfect example is with name brand products, why would you pay more than you have to? I shop lowest prices, period, and so do millions of others who are financially pressed in this economy and look at value first and foremost when shopping. Times, they are a changin. lol

    Success to all,
  7. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    FreeCashMan: Most people fail to follow the steady and consistent part, and thus stay in the same ole' situation.

    I tell people all the time, if you can have the same attitude (Hugely motivated) like you had when you got started, you will succeed.

    If you stay consistent and persistent even though things don't seem to move forward for you, just keep going and going and things will turn out for you positively and for the better.

    Always focus on the PRIZE and not the price that you need to pay.
  8. RicnDenver

    RicnDenver New Member

    IMHO just the word "opportunity" is getting to be a bad word, try refrazing what you want to say, while getting your point across
  9. RicnDenver: IMHO just the word "opportunity" is getting to be a bad word, try refrazing what you want to say, while getting your point across
    Good point,

    I agree, I have moved away from pitching opportunities, I pitch saving money first and foremost, and let the web site educate those interested in the business. Most people are not looking for an opportunity, so why would you want to promote the opportunity side of your business? I know why, because most don't offer any value or money saving benefits, so we see the opportunity pushed to the point it makes everyone sick, thing about that for a minute, then ask yourself, is my opportunity saving anyone money first, or am I focused only on the money hype?

    Success to all, Mike
  10. ImportEyedea

    ImportEyedea New Member

    We discovered the same thing. The funny thing about Network Marketing some people focus so much on the Networking end, they don't think about the proper basics of Marketing.

    The biggie being: Find your Target Market.

    An easy example I use a lot, is the TV. Anyone with eyes and half a brain can figure out that TV advertisements are based very strongly on the time of day, and the overall target audience of the program or channel.

    I say program or channel, because even people that don't have Cable access to channels specific to one topic, say the Food Network, or Comedy Central, can still spot how the Big 4 of Basic TV (CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox) isolate particular groups in their target audience by the time of day, and the programming.

    For example, late morning game shows, generally feature ads for products like denture cleaners, hearing aid batteries and As Seen on TV products. Late morning talk show programs yield a healthy mix of beauty/haircare commercials, and household products.
    (check it out for yourself if you don't believe me!). Those aren't the only commercials they show, but its a pretty slim margin.

    You'll never see an for Budweiser beer on a Saturday morning at 10 am on NBC CBS or ABC. Saturday AM = kids cartoons. Likewise you probably won't see an ad for the latest Bratz doll running on the History channel at 11 pm during WWII in HD.
  11. jazzewi

    jazzewi New Member

    I agree because #2 came from a value based mindset. Using this with our prospects provides better results and helps keep friends. They might even answer the phone next time you call.
  12. drunyan

    drunyan New Member

    "I had met people that a soon as I say hello to them they come and say "I have great opportunity that I know you will like to hear about. So simple that a monkey can do it" than they go on and on. I dislike so much when people come and puke on me this way.

    Yup, they puke on me"

    I totally agree people get tired of you coming up to them with "opportunities." If we want to get people to be interested in our opportunity, we must let the ones who are interested in our opportunity find us. Through computer advertising and capture pages we can get the leads that are interested in what we have to offer. We no longer have to pester our friends and families. This is good news to me.
  13. BusinessBuilder

    BusinessBuilder New Member

    Ah - but people WILL be interested in you when you are first interested in them!

    That's the key - they don't care what you are "selling" and they don't want to join. That's why you need to find other network marketers who can see the value of your program and other entrepreneurs or people wanting to start a small business.

    Once you have that person, find out all you can about what they want in a business and see how what you have fits their need.

    It's all about them - not you, your product or your MLM company!
  14. floridalady

    floridalady New Member

    When I talk to people about my MLM business I always tell people about the benefits they will receive from the product. For me it is all about the product. If people are interested in the product, then it is easy to talk about the compensation plan. There are so many people out of work or need extra income. An mlm business maybe a way for them to own their own business and make more money than they ever made in a job. People are looking for an answer to their money problems. We just have to show them the way.
  15. drunyan

    drunyan New Member

    You basically agreed with me in that you need to show them the business. The products will sell themselves if you have a business that can help a person out financially. In order to get them in your business you are going to have to form some kind of relationship with them. They are going to have to know they can trust you as well as the company.
  16. gingerva

    gingerva Guest

    You are so right about that. Mike Dillard talks about no one ever buying a drill because what they want is the hole. People want what an opportunity can do for them...the end result. After all, the favorite radio station of all time is WIIFM (what's in it for me).

    The rules haven't changed..we are just fortunate to have multiple ways to market our business. Because of the Internet, we can market to a lot more people than just our warm market. It's important to know how to do both. It's too competitive in today's market not to.

    But either way, it's still about building networks (relationships). Network Marketing and Attraction Marketing are different and they require different skill-sets that anyone can learn.

    Ginger Hogue
  17. Elur MLM

    Elur MLM New Member

    There's a saying "No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care."
  18. ryanbiddulph

    ryanbiddulph New Member

    Hi Franklin,

    I agree with your take.

    Give/receive. If you want to receive prospects, sales or anything in greater numbers give away as much value as you possibly can. If you want people to care about you, take care of them. Give them maximum value without them having to spend a penny for it. When you've given enough prospects flock to you in droves. Chris Brogan is the perfect example. He mentions how he gave away great content on his blog for years for free.....now he names his price when his services are sought.

    Offer free ebooks, videos, classes. Provide value in the form of content-rich articles and blogs. Promote fellow network marketers as much as yourself. Give, give and give some more.

    Your job is to give freely. People care about someone who cares about them. Someone who gives freely usually cares about others. The best thing you could do is to give like crazy and then give some more.

    Great advice [​IMG]



    1. It takes time, like any business, to get competative, learn how to reach people, what exactly to say when you do meet them, when to present the opporutunity, etc. If this is not done a certain way they can get scared off.
    2. Even if they are the perfect candidate, you communicate the opportunity well, and they are interested. They are also looking at you and thinking "DO I want to join under this person?" They may not want to join under you if they think you are not interested in them, if they think you are weak (not a leader), if they think they could find someone else offering the same opportunity that they believe could DO more for them.


    I also wanted to say. There are great opportunities out ther. But whn you look you will find the perfect opportunity for you.

    One of my choices is Trivita. You do not have to get people interested, you actually purchase, or your upline purchases customers for you. It is rated a number one home business. I would urge you to consider something of this nature. You do not have to put yourself out there... you can be involved in taking care of people who already love the product and the business opportunity. You can teach, support, and manage a business without selling.

    Take Care.

    Trivita Member ID 13389947

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