Will West Ever let us know anything?

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by p_cliff, Jul 28, 2009.

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    I have been a West employee for 3-4 yrs now I started with DR then HSN and finally VM--where I was when I went from a WAHA to a WAHE. And boy were the hrs great on VM--I would work a 50-60 hr week. The money was good and was finally offered Saves. Now since the announcement that VM is being outsourced. I have watched my hrs shrink--60--50--40--20--now for this entire week so far it is 2.5.

    Mine is the only source of income besides my wifes SS check. She has health issues and so West offered me the opportunity to stay home and look after her. Hopefully we won't loose everything, but right now it is looking that way.

    I guess my question is will West EVER let us know where are all the hrs--when do they post and ultimatly when will they allow me to go someplace else?
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    all the hrs are in the philippines, mexico, and nicaragua. no one knows when hours are posted- and i resigned 8 weeks ago due to no hours, hoping to get offered another skill. so far nothing. I filed for unemployment and got it and now make like $700/month from UE--i was in the same boat as you--working 40-70 hrs per week last year at this time and then after 1-1-09, hardly anything. if you havent been to workplacelikehome.com, try it out--there's alot of info there being shared with other west employees. also you can claim UE even if you are still with VM-alot of people have gotten it b/c of lack of hours.

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