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    I've had a lot of questions since Wednesday's GMA feature for Work at Home Moms about Willow.
    I am a Willow Cyberagent and I love it! I have gotten so good at servicing the client that I initially chose that I am now going through training to service another client...this gives me an opportunity to make even more money and since both clients are different, I'm not bored.
    Regarding the start up costs, the $16 I invested in the background check, I recovered on my first day taking calls. The basic training costs were waved because I completed it in 5 days. So my only significant investments were the client training classes and the incorporation costs. Incorporating was a great idea for me, there are a slew of benefits and exemptions that I enjoy because I am incorporated. I love the hours I work..I can work as little as 30 min at a time if need be. I can work a minimum of 10 hours a week or work as much as I'd like. But as commented on before this is not for everyone...being a cyberagent for Willow means you must be entrepreneurial, dedicated, disciplined and a true self starter. I also love the exclusivity of working for Willow. It is exclusive because no other virtual call center business can boast a portfolio of clients like Willow, we have the choice of servicing companies like Barnes & Noble, Time, AAA Motor Clubs, Carnival Cruise lines and Virgin Atlantic Airways (just to name a few). The reason Willow can aquire the business of such high profile clients are because of agents like me...these premier clients take into account that we are dedicated and disciplined enough to go through Willow's admissions process and therefore trust that Willow Cyberagents will provide them with the highest quality service. Hope this helps some people through their decision making process. I did my research and I don't regret the time or the money I invested in my Willow business...neither will you.

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