With so many directors out there how is it really possible to make $$?

Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by skivino, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. skivino

    skivino New Member

    I'm still in the researching phase and while I think Coastal is the real deal, I'm completely stumped at how I could really make any money. When I google Coastal I get sooo many Coastal Vacation listings, so what makes people go to one site vs another? My husband is totally against the idea, thinking it's a total scam, but he's not reading all the info I am so in the end if I feel it's worth the investment he'll back me. I'm not afraid of working or putting in hours (I've been working from home for 10 years) but this really seems "too good to be true." If someone could kindly explain to me how I'd be able to attract people to my website vs others (when so many are the same!) I'd greatly appreciate it. I don't purchase/invest in anything until I do 110% research into it and get solid answers to all my questions.
  2. skivino

    skivino New Member

    11 viewed but no comments? Is there no answer to my question?
    I hope someone can offer me insight before I put out $3K or more.
    Thank you.
  3. CarolinaConsign

    CarolinaConsign New Member


    How many directors do you know?

    How many live around you?

    I'm also in the process of researching and what I have found is 99% of the people I have mentioned this to, have never heard of it.
    As for the website info., well that is more to do with rankings. If you want to be number one on the search page, learn about key words and linking and etc.

    Hope that helps!
  4. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    think of it like this. There are over 300 million people in the United States and millions of them want to find a business they can work from home. Even more of them want to be able to travel at huge discounts so the market is never close to being saturated. Lot's of people market Coastal to businesses such as manufacturing companies to use as rewards for their employees and Car dealers to use as incentives to get customers to testdrive or buy cars and trucks. The options to market this product are endless. It all boils down to the same thing with any small business. Are you willing to treat it like your regular job? If you can devote just a few hours of your time during the week to your home business and you do what the successful people in that business are doing then you will be successful. There are people in our Call center making $30,000 to $40,000 a month! That is no joke. You must be diligent and teachable and you must never give up. Some people make 2 or 3 sales in the first few days of joining and others, like myself, might not make their first sale for the first couple of months. The reason it took me 2 months to make my first sale was because I thought I knew how use google adwords from my previous experience. Well, when I finally decided to listen to the training call available in our back office and applied what I learned from that call, I made $4,000 in 3 days time. It was like flipping a switch. If you do what the successful people do you will be successful. It might not happen overnight but neither does success with any other business. Be diligent, teachable and do what the big dogs do.
  5. skivino

    skivino New Member

    Thanks for the great answers, H and CC. I've never had my 'own' business (I do sales at home for 2 different companies, one as freelance advertising rep and the other a wedding photography consultant) so going out on my own is intimidating me a tad. But I certainly know that anything worth getting involves risk!

    Coincidentally the 'fortune' I got in my fortune cookie last night said "You will be fortunate in the opportunities presented to you."
    Well Coastal is an opportunity I've just recently been researching so perhaps it's a 'sign!'

    I appreciate your answers.
  6. CarolinaConsign

    CarolinaConsign New Member


    You're welcome! Like you, I am researching the Coastal Business Plan.
    I believe your doing the home based sales is a greater advantage than you may imagine. My wife does some wedding photography; which you know can be exciting and chaotic all at the same time. What I notice most about that opportunity is the deep organization skills. This is an important skill in any business, but especially in a Coastal business, or any direct sales business. People rely on you, your knowledge, and your professionalism in wedding photography consultation. When you start your coastal business people will rely on those same qualities.

    skivino you said at the posting of this thread:
    "I don't purchase/invest in anything until I do 110% research into it and get solid answers to all my questions. " That is the first step of success!

    skivino I am sort of in the same situation as you. I am looking at this opportunity with a, what if mentality at times. I am asking anyone and everyone questions that are involved with Coastal. I will even challenge there answers if it sounds a little to crafty or doesn't match what I have read on the official coastal site.

    skivino I would be willing to share what I have learned and exchange any due diligence information with you.

    Wishing you Success!

    Brian Provost
  7. PNL Travel

    PNL Travel New Member

    Wow! Coastal has been a very busy topic this weekend!


    Brian and hsimpsonjr are correct. As far as getting your website out there onto google it's all about key words and ranking. Also, there are tons of SEO companies that will take care of all of that for you if that's what you want to do - with a nice fee of course!

    There are also other ways to build your business. I do a combination of retail and business building. There really are many ways to market the package.

    If this is what you choose to do just work hard and be persistent and it will all happen for you!

    Good Luck!

  8. WAHpharm

    WAHpharm New Member

    Hi all, as a retired Pharmacist I looked for something of interest I could work from home and found it with Coastal. As a Professional I immediately saw the potential to be able to travel at discounted rates. We were totally amazed when the leatherlike zippered binder arrived and was overflowing with travel certificates and cards. The product practically sells itself.

    My family and I get to travel at discounted rates, and are able to offer the pkg to other retired folks and Professionals, young or old this is the best opportunity!

    We plugged into a great automated sales system that close sales for us. And with a lead generating program, we are geared for success. We will teach others to do the same.

    An associate introduced me to this opportunity when I asked how his Wife and he were able to travel as much as they did and the rest is history.

  9. dawnmo

    dawnmo New Member

    Skivino...there are so many people out there looking for a way to make their lives better for themselves and their families. I was at a family reunion over the holidays and I had several relatives approach me asking about my ebay business and what they could do to earn money (well, I haven't been in the ebay business for years, but I did give them some advice.)

    Secondly, if you happen to choose to work with a call center, you will appeal to both types of people - those who want the hands off, no sales approach, and those who like to get right in there and talk to people.

    The market is far from saturated and the home-based business ideal is moving into momentum - this is the perfect time to get involved!

    Dawn [​IMG]
  10. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    Congrats on joining the Coastal Family and even more congrats on being in the Call Center family! Myself, SusanEng, and Dawnmo are members of the Call Center also. It's a WONDERFUL place to be and I just learned that it has grown into two offices now. WOW! Now really is the time to get into Coastal and the Call center!
  11. susaneng

    susaneng New Member

    Hi Skivino,

    There are many ways to get people to your website. Once you join Coastal your director will help guide you on how to market it. Yes, there are many directors and many websites but there are also millions of people out there searching the web, and someone will like your ad over the others and click on your website and pursue the opportunity from you. This is just one way- internet advertising. You can also place classified ads in newspapers of which you won't have the battle of all the other directors in your city. These are just two ways to advertise. There are many many more!

    Good luck with your research. I myself researched this opportunity thoroughly and have not had any regrets. The negative comments I did hear about this company were from competitors who weren't in Coastal and were trying to get you their opportunity.

    Let us know if you join.
  12. WAHpharm

    WAHpharm New Member

    Thanks Harold,, good luck to us!

  13. tomcha

    tomcha New Member


    Let me caution you on the website marketing.

    Depending on who you join with, you might get a marketing site like I did.

    But what you need to know in advance is that you'll need to market that site through other means than SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

    SEO is the process of trying to rank higher in a search done by a web surfer. Using Google as a general rule, the more relevant a site is to the keywords entered by the surfer, the higher it will rank. But there are so many other factors involved, both onpage and offpage that determine your ranking.

    In fact, the rumor is that only about 3 people in the world know the whole Google search algorithm. They have teams of mathematicians and scientists working modifying and improving the algorithm all the time.

    So the SEO folks, who try to reverse engineer and essentially 'guess' what Google and others are doing are doomed to fail not too long in the future, in my very humble opinion.

    But anyways, I'm getting off topic. What I mean to say is that because these marketing sites that we get from the groups is duplicated, the SE (Search Engines) view them as unimportant at best, and content spamming at worst (can get dropped or un-indexed).

    So that's probably why we see so many people trying to market their sites through PPC (Pay Per Click) such as Google AdWords.

    So in that respect, yes, it does seem crowded.

    But think of it this way.

    How many people do you think would search for something to do with Coastal Vacations on the Internet?

    Compare that to how many people who be interested in an opportunity like Coastal Vacations if they knew (online or offline).

    Then consider just how many people are around you in the online community and the offline community.

    Then if you can market your business online as well as offline as it has been mentioned, you are looking at a huge market still that is very far from saturated.

    When I was first considering the opportunity, I asked those exact questions. I was worried that I was joining too late and that there would be no more business left for me. But the fact is that there are sales still being made everyday.

    So if they are being made everyday, why not by me? Why not in my local town? Why not my local merchants or businesses? Why not my website visitors? By the way, I am working on a website that will hopefully contain some great useful information for network marketers (that's us) regarding lead generation without buying leads, automating your business, etc....

    As well, I gotta test out about 4 lead generation methods that I have in mind and can't say too much about them right now. But if I try and they work, I'll be telling everyone here about it. So wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed.
  14. susaneng

    susaneng New Member

    I just watched Oprah today who had the people on who made the movie: The Secret . I myself have bought the movie and really believe it is a great motivator and helps you with the "what ifs" you may have. If you haven't heard of this you can go to their website, http://thesecret.tv/home.html

    You can watch it online on your computer for a couple of dollars and if you decide to buy it they will deduct the cost you spent on watching online.

    Basically: You bring to your life what you attract and believe.
  15. roger

    roger New Member

    Here here Susan!

    Oh....um....by the way, hello!


    Roger here, I don't believe we've been introduced, I'm on Harold's team too!

    Regarding 'The Secret'
    I heard recently on a conference call a story about Donald Trump.
    He was at a seminar doing a Q & A and one of the questions was something to the effect: "You lost all your money once but you made it back, what will you do if you lose it again?"

    His reply was: "I don't think about it, next question"

    (for newbies who have no clue what I'm talking about, in short the above means to Focus only on What You Want)
  16. tomcha

    tomcha New Member

    I completely agree.

    I truly believe that people will get in life what they consistently focus on. Here the key word is "consistently". Everyone focus on something at one point in time or another. And fairly intensely too.

    But the missing part is the consistency. Most people fizzle out when the quick motivator is gone. They hear a speech and get pumped up, but after a few days or weeks, the feeling goes away and the drive is gone.

    I think it is important to differentiate drive and motivation. Motivation, in my view, is temporary. Drive is something deeper and stronger. It is a goal that we are always steering toward.

    You could think of it this way. A person can be driven to make it financially. In order to do that, at various times, s/he might be motivated about some of the different ways that goal might be achieved (e.g., job, business, etc...)

    A great metaphor that I heard is of winter driving. In case some of you are from warm climate (bless you), I am from Canada with some cold days during the winter. Hence, winter driving is an issue here.

    When you are driving on a slippery road from snow or rain, you should always look at where you want the car to go (back on the road straight ahead of you). The idea is that you will unconsciously turn the wheel to where you are leading yourself with your eyes.

    Where you focus on is where you'll end up at.

    The problem is that most people will focus right away on where they don't want to go (the ditch).

    I think a very similar thing happens in our financial lives. Most people get stuck on where they don't want to be and the more we focus on it, the more we are 'attracted' to it.

    Instead, the trick, perhaps counter-intuitive, is to consistently bring yourself to focus on what you do want and where you do want to go.

    Another metaphor that I found very useful is of a ship or an airplane.

    Did you know that over 90% of the time a ship or an airplane is out of course?

    But do the pilots or the captains panic and start focusing on why things are going wrong?

    No. They have been trained to calmly redirect their vessel in the direction that they wish to go. They adjust their course thousands of times during a trip in order to reach their destination.

    These adjustments are necessary part of our journey, financially as well as other areas of our lives. Things rarely, if ever, work out the way we want them to the first time. If they did, then life would kind of be boring too, wouldn't it?

    And you have to accept the fact that sometimes, things not working out the way you want them to can lead to better things if you can seize the opportunities. And really, they are opportunities.

    They are opportunities to grow and learn. As they say, if you are growing, then you're dying. I'd choose to grow and learn rather than die, thank you very much.

    So to all of us in this venture called Coastal Vacations, whether you are on my team or not, whether we are in the same group or not, let's gear up and grow.

    Let's focus on what we want and we'll get there. Don't forget to help your fellow passengers on the way.

    To paraphrase one of my favorite quotes, you can get anything you want in life as long as you help enough people get what they want.

    Remember, this business is about people first. Monetary reward is a welcomed side effect.
  17. iworkinmyboxers

    iworkinmyboxers New Member

    Guys I have been in Coastal for over 7 years now and have made an obscene amount of money in Coastal, I have tried almost every avenue of marketing there is and I can tell you from experience that TIMING is everything.
    People use to sign up after I talked with them just 2-3 times, they were very excited because it never "dawned" on them that perhaps its a scam or what if I dont make my $1295 back because there wasnt so much press on Coastal, whether its bad or good....now there too many people shopping for directors, using call centers, undercutting other directors etc....When I joined I didnt even have a website, I used a fax on demand system!! LOL
    Now I say this because there is currently a travel company that is out now that is going to be HUGE and its something ANYONE can afford ($119) and it has a lot more value than Coastal has including 6 streams of income! Simply put for the price of this business Traverus is something that all Coastal Directors should have to route prospects that dont have the $119 to join to get them into a more affordable travel business.....there is 6 streams of income here and I tell you I havent seen people this excited about a business since I joined Coastal 7 years ago......back when people joined because their heart told them to...not because they read scam dot com!!
    Absoluely correct Susan.....The Secret, along with What the Bleep is a MUST READ!!
    Thanks for letting me share.
  18. jlDunn

    jlDunn New Member

    Hi Skivino,
    If you would like I can send you a direct link to go through a step by step process of all the information, and direct you to a online live global theatre presentation, you should be able to get all your questions answered, and be able to see how many people are in your situation.....plus you can take your husband with you, and not even go anywhere.

    And as for everyone involved, I thought the same thing, but you must remember that this is a international business, and has barely reached half the industry - think about it....ask someone you know that likes to travel and see if they have heard of Coastal Vacations, or Wholesale travel.....most will say no.....There is still a lot of area to market out there.

    I have talked to you in another forum, about the package only, we market the package retail as well as the business opportunity, there is lots of market for both.

    If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me:
    Lindsay Dunn
  19. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    Quoting: skivinoWhen I google Coastal I get sooo many Coastal Vacation listings, so what makes people go to one site vs another?

    Remember that Google is like the yellow pages. If your looking for a plumber, the yellow pages offer you alot of options. The best marketing for the plumber is not the yellow pages, but several marketing options.

    My team and I work with several top marketing companies who can do the marketing for you or we can train you to market for yourself.

    Jay NaPier
  20. luvtravel

    luvtravel New Member

    I totally agree Traverus is up and coming and of you want to get in on the groundfloor of something BIG now is the time to join. $119 gets you a spot (that another company is overcharging 449)
    That gets you into a RTA psoition, $399 gets you into a full blown travel agent, the training and support is great, we have a good system we use and train our recruits on but within a month we will have a marketing system that will outdo anything you ever heard of. [Link removed - Admin] Coastal Directors don't miss the boat on this one, join for $119, get trained and offer it as either a terrific travel combo, pay the $119 yourself as an incentive to sell Coastal, or give them an option, at the very least the compensation plan is great for residual to Coastal income and at times when there is a dryspell with Coastal.
    We offer our recruits additional consolidators lists and resources in addition to the resources provided by Traverus!


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