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  1. Funny,

    Just came across this thread and had to chuckle at some of the posts. No doubt, we are a rare breed, Dad's who work from home online while wives work outside of home. Not something you would see even a decade ago, but now becoming very common.

    I have been a work at home business owner for two decades now, so nothing new for me, but now that wife went to work, now I am also chef, cleaning and vacuum, and now grocery shopper, something I hate. lol

    Well, as one who is into time management, I set up my schedule accordingly and it works out great, except when I had to go grocery shopping as I don't like being away from my computer since this is my lifeblood to at home income.

    Well, long story short, I shop for everything online, and now I can do almost all my grocery shopping at home with new online wholesale discount groceries with free delivery. My pray was answered, and with ten thousand name brand items, I was able to order all the same brands we usually purchase from my online grocery store.

    It started out as research to avoid having to drive 28 miles to nearest Walmart or over 10 miles to closest grocery and show my wife I had things worked out. Well, when she saw the first delivery and the money I saved, she was amazed, couldn't stop talking about it with the other girls at her work. Either boasting she had a well trained stay at home Dad or perhaps about how cheap I am, I don't know which, but hey, I solved another problem of not wanting tl leave my computer.

    Now for the best part, as one who is cheap and focuses on only recession proof home based businesses, this caught me by surprise. It appears most woman hate grocery shopping, so when they found out about what I had found, they were all interested in how they could order online and have groceries delivered for free to their door to save time, money and hassle of shopping, especially in the winter as it was snowing when my last delivery came in.

    Well, with so many woman interested in this service, and the fact I hadn't told my wife this is also now a new business for me, she said, WOW, you mean we can make money by shopping for groceries online and telling others? She hates to sell, as do most, so with this response by only talking about what I had done and her finding the pantry was full of same brands at up to 50% off local prices, she got excited, and the rest is history, this has moved to the top of my home business portfolio given it is packed with value, essential in any home business.

    Success to all,
  2. Interesting,

    Guess most stay at home Dad's don't do the cleaning and grocery shopping, just babysit I guess. lol

    Success to all,
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    My wife and I both work from home with our online business. Work first, then clean! haha Wife is expecting our 2nd child next month. At that will be just me cleaning and working... [​IMG]
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    I guess that sometimes a man gotta' do what a man gotta' do...
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    That is awesome! On-line shopping can save us time and of course fuel....[​IMG] I will try to check the site that you give. Thanks!

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