work at home united...or another job??

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by zuber, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. zuber

    zuber New Member

    I have been looking at working at home for quite some time now and have like many others, fell prey to the get rich scams.
    I just want to be able to answer phones, emails, make reservations, do date entry to be able to supplement my husbands income. I just want to be able to pay the bills, afford health insurance, and be able to take family outings.
    I was contacted by "work at home united" yesterday. They invited me to an informational webinar. Their concept makes sense to me. They seem very helpful and will support you to help you become successful too.
    Has anyone every looked into this? We live in a small community in the midwest and people just haven't caught on to the going green for the environment and to use natural products for their family.
    My feelings are really mixed right now. I think they have a good idea, but do not know if my friends and family are ready for this yet. You need to sign on 8 people which makes me nervous.
    Does anyone have any ideas or should I look elsewhere for a data or assistant job? Any links or help would be so appreciated.[​IMG]
  2. momsoffice

    momsoffice New Member

    I've been with WAHU for over 3years it is a very legitimate company. I do recieve a residual check each month as well from them, but it's basically at a stand still. I do love their products!

    I wanted something a little more that I can enjoy, so I became a home based travel agent.

    When I first started looking into working from home, which was about 9 years ago, I wanted data entry/typing, but there was nothing out there, unless they made you pay for information! Don't fall for it!!!

    You can also look into doing customer service with West At Home, Liveopps uhhhh....I think there is another one. I didn't do that, because I'm a mom of 6 and it has to be completely quit. I wanted to do something that my kids could be around me, that's why I stay home. LOL Plus I needed something that is more flexible and I can take my business wherever I am.

    Good Luck in your search!
  3. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Most Work at Home companies offering jobs take an interview, the webinars are for business opportunities
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  4. mrssfoster

    mrssfoster New Member

    I am with Work At Home United, they offer great support and training, the webcasts/webinars are just a tool that they use to show their process. They start by going over the product side of the company, and then the business side. A lot of people try being just customers first, then move to the business opportunity. Because there is no direct selling, very little experience is needed.

    I hope this information helped you a bit.
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  5. peanutsnana

    peanutsnana New Member

    SO would you mind my asking what site you found the travel agent position?

    My boyfriends daughter is in desperate need of a work from home job. She is close to losing her home and has two small children to take care of.
  6. Atomizer

    Atomizer New Member

    I would really love to hear about the travel agent position. I have always wanted to do this but everytime i search it i get scams. Where can I go that is legitimate to get help on this?
  7. jaesun16

    jaesun16 New Member


    As long as you stick with what you are really think good is the best

    way to survive in this industry.

    People Keep changing their marketing strategies and, programs.

    It could help buiding your internal experinces, but eventually,

    you will get nothing....

    MY point is, Once you have chosen a Affiliate programs,

    I believe you will, Do not change you program because others

    made good money$$ with their some programs.~!!

    You just keep working hard, Your chance will come soon

    I am sticking with one business for 6months now, It seemed

    didn't work at all for first 2months, now I am happy with this.

    So, Keep researching, find The best one!!! who can lift your life

    to somewhere upper world~~[​IMG]

    Happy day~^^[​IMG]
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  8. sharkyp

    sharkyp New Member

    I am directly involved with this company. My daughter started me. Since we changed and bought our products from them, I no longer take any asthma meds... best of all I will get a check for $700. this month. My daughter, in one year, has become a director 6.. she makes over $3000, a month. She does most of her work on the internet. It does work, and is legitimate.
  9. alissanorgren

    alissanorgren New Member

    hello.. we are in the same boat. I have looked for years and tried everything from Avon to Quixstar and also sold mortgages from home. I just this week signed up with Work At Home United and I am excited.The support and information seems great so far and I figure.. if all of these other people can do it why cant I. I love the fact that there are not huge investments needed, no weekly mettings, no selling, and no inventory. You really are not out anything with this company and I needed something that was honest and not multilevel marketing.
    Good luck and I hope this helped.
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  10. lifeisgood

    lifeisgood New Member

    alissanorgren: I needed something that was honest and not multilevel marketing.
    Last I checked, Melaleuca was Multi Level Marketing.
  11. alissanorgren

    alissanorgren New Member

    Nope. Melaleuca is a company that sells over 350 green products for the home and wellness that has been in buisness for almost 24 yrs. Not to mention they are in great standing with the BBB and have won numerous awards for ethics and integrity. So how that is multi level marketing is beyond me. Work at Home United uses consumer direct marketing to market Melaleuca. If one has done the time to do their research they will clearly find the difference.
  12. Sam_Jones

    Sam_Jones New Member

    Sharkyp, are you for real? That means to me that you are a guru in the business. Does that company really pay that much?
  13. glindow

    glindow New Member

    I was wondering if this somehow related to Melaleuca, whose products I have been using for years. Its definitely a good company with great products and I should probably take a closer look at the online marketing aspect since I haven't ever made money with Melaleuca and the people I know in real life just don't have the money to invest. I also kind of got shut out of a major resource, but thats a rather complex situation.

    I do however know a lot of people who like and use the products, but get them through friends like me, who are in the program, since they don't want to or can't afford to invest themselves. I remember how when I first started using the Melaleuca products the representatives and speakers were saying Melaleuca would be a household name within five years. That was five or 6 years ago and definitely seems to be becoming the case.

    What I do however really dislike about Melaleuca is how the company tells you NEVER to mention the company name itself with your initial pitch. This never, ever made sense to me. If you are proud of the company you work for, of the products you sell, of the ethics associated with your business, why in the World would you not mention it by name? The work at home united page seems to be one of those kind of promotional things, though it sounds like Melaleuca and frankly if I am not told a companies name I am not going to be inclined to work with them. Obviously I overcame that concern since I continue to use Melaleuca products, but it was a big pet peeve early on and continues to be one.
  14. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    alissanorgren: So how that is multi level marketing is beyond me.
    Multi level marketing is generally defined by the compensation plan, not the number of products they sell, how long they've been in business, or their standing with the BBB.

    It's my understanding that Melaleuca IS multi level marketing because they pay their distributors on more than one level. The last time I checked, I think they pay commissions 7 levels deep if you have signed up the maximum number of business builders. That makes it 'multi-level.' [​IMG]

    By the way, I'm not a Melaleuca member, but do use and love some of their products.

  15. wahu_claudia

    wahu_claudia New Member

    happywife: It's my understanding that Melaleuca IS multi level marketing because they pay their distributors on more than one level.
    You used a key term "distributors" which is where most people misinterpret what we do. We are NOT distributors, we do NOT stock inventory, resell, place orders or collect money in any way, form or fashion. If you are using the fact that you place customers in your organization in a "level" below you to suggest that constitutes an MLM, then every corporation in America could be labeled an MLM because there is one person at the top and levels of managers, supervisors and workers below him. I am being a bit far-fetched, lol... however there is much more that constitutes an MLM, but we are considered a CDM Consumer Direct Marketing business. In which, we simply market & advertise for the company and refer others to the company. There are some MAJOR differences in the MLM vs CDM business structure and that IS why we DO get paid THAT much as Sam_Jones pointed out by Sharkyp's comment above.

    I encourage everyone who thinks they know about our business but hasn't actually seen our overview to take a closer look and see for yourself!
  16. Cnune123

    Cnune123 New Member

    As a marketing professional all my life with a BBA in Marketing degree, consumer direct marketing, direct sales, direct marketing, network marketing, multi level marketing are all terms that are interchangeable. Most of these types of companies have direct from the factory to the consumer shipping which is really what Melaleuca is saying.

    Distributors, Associates, Direct Marketers are also interchangeable terms. In some cases, distributors actual have to distribute products but in many other cases it is just a name reference not an actual shipping method.

    The Melaleuca comp plan is based on payout to you that is different at different levels of depth based on the number of business associates or customers or both that you have. That makes is multilevel payout aka multi level marketing.

    I went to the company website adn WAHU and I am curious why Melaleuca does not publically sharing their comp plan except tthrough those who are talking to someone like you who are already in the business. Being that this is the case, could you send me to a site or send me the plan where I could see it and you can point out the differences you are stating. It is of interest to me.
  17. ImagineBALANCE

    ImagineBALANCE New Member

    I believe this is a group that is working with the Wellness Company Melaleuca Inc. which I can honestly tell you first hand is a very good company, I personally know the CEO and President. Different teams within the company do things differently - so interview the person you are talking to just to be sure it is the style you want to use to build a business.

    Also when you are researching their company - steer clear of "opinions" of disgruntled people - stick to the facts. They have their credentials listed at: Best wishes to you - it is a very helpful thing if us moms can help supplement their husband's income - it takes the pressure off of them!
  18. Jean LA

    Jean LA New Member

    Everyone should always be careful of which MLM companies to work with. There are lots of them but I think going on working for yourself is a great idea/ Affiliate marketing and adsense works fine for me.
  19. txinvestigator

    txinvestigator New Member

    I am a private investigator and have researched many of these company thoroughly. Most of them are very legitimate and offer wonderful products. The key to being successful is finding a product that is in demand from everyone. Many of these companies offer products that do meet the demands of everyone, but many are strictly for people with certain interests. They almost all have similar pay structures, prospecting tips, sales techniques, good and bad testimonials,etc.. I have tons of information on this subject and am actually in the process of adding this topic to one of my blogs along with some marketing tips that I use for my Investigation business which apply to any business model out there. If anyone would like more information or would like to read the blog, I would be happy to share. Wishing you all great success!
  20. hadleysmom

    hadleysmom New Member

    I am staring to look into work at home united and am wondering what it is that you sell/do to earn money? How many hours a week does to take to earn $$ Can anyone help me out

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