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  1. littlemoon2

    littlemoon2 New Member

    Hey guys,
    I am planning to register at
    can anyone please let me know isthis a scam or real.
    If it is real then how exactly does it work?...
    Apperciate your help
  2. franmeza

    franmeza New Member

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  3. nyokirin

    nyokirin New Member

    Hi Littlemoon2

    There are a lot of these work-from-home, data-entry type websites about. Infact, they have been around for years.

    This particular site has a promising sales letter showing you "potential" income.

    The truth is you don't get an instant access to a job market where you can start working and get a stream of income like it says on the site.

    In reality, when you pay your money, all you get is pretty much a list of companies who pay people for doing surveys etc. Also, the income you get from them is much lower than what this program claims. We are talking about 50 cents for a survey (and that's when you get asked to do one) you can't always decide you want to do one and make money.

    If I were you, I'd spend your money elsewhere where you get full decent information on how to create income rather than this which is pretty much paying to get a list of links that could "potentially" make money.

    Be careful of scams out there.
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  4. Hexum88

    Hexum88 New Member

    Yup, definitely scam. They do a very good job of talking you into a circle in their sales letters. Essentially these jobs consist of placing ads on places like Google Adwords and such. Also presenting survey opportunities like nyokirin said.

    Stay away from these because you can get much better training on how to make money online and where to do it. Some don't charge very much at all either.
  5. srama3

    srama3 New Member

    Yeah, I'd be real weary of data entry jobs, most of them are scams. Try affiliate marketing instead.
  6. genius

    genius New Member

    I dont recommend you to opt into any workonline program unless you have fully investigated about it. Especially in your case, the website you are referring dont have any background. So I am sorry to say that 99% chances are it will be another scam.
  7. DreamBrio

    DreamBrio New Member

    Many Data Entry Jobs could be done by those offering it themselves. No wonder they ask you to pay money first to start the job. The money is in what people pay to get started, FINISH.

    Beware!, MANY OF THEM ARE SCAMS! I have had my experience before. I suggest you do try affiliate marketing and start creating an environment of support for the people you meet rather.
  8. jaggis

    jaggis New Member

    Most probably a scam. Do some good research. See what other people are saying about this company by entering 'Is this 'name of compay' a scam' in google search. Find out also if there is at least a 60 days money back guarantee on the site. If you are not satisfied with the program you should be able to get your money back. But the best is to stay away if you have to pay fees which you think are high. You can try some good skill improving programs, which will add to your credentials. You can then bid for real online freelance jobs like writing or graphics designs which will give you real monthly income by making use of your skills.
  9. moonheart

    moonheart Guest

    Most of data entry jobs are lost your money....I suggest you join some genuine programs rather than data entry.
  10. GV Cali

    GV Cali New Member

    I would be very leery of this It has the classic signs of a scam. 1. They lure you in with the promise of lots of $$$ to be made for such a simple job. In the real world...really? Think hard...if there is such a thing, 99% of people in this whole wide world will be doing it. 2. They ask you to send them money. Wow, which company asks you to pay them in order to work for them? That just does not happen. Try applying for work at Walmart, McDonald's, IBM, etc. and let us know if they will charge you a $49-$99 fee. 3. In exchange for the $$$, they will send you a kit so you can make tons of money. In reality, data entry is a low skill job and we all know that low skill jobs don't translate to a high income. One does not need a kit, special class, training, etc. Unless it is a medical or legal transcription, then, you will need one a higher skills level. 4. Read carefully their site. They tell you a lot of things that will convince you to join them. However, one thing is missing - THEIR COMPANY ADDRESS is MISSING!!!. I tried asking for it, and never got a direct answer. Try sending one for yourself that question to By the way, notice, "", a free service!!! That is a dead give away right there. 5. If ever you get a reply, ask for pointed questions - who are the officers of the company (check the websites of legitimate companies, they include the ranking people of their company. And in some cases, a link to contact them.) When Steve Jobs was alive, people can contact him direct thru their site. 6. Ask also what chapter of the Better Business Bureau do they belong to and under what name they are registered with the BBB. Let me see if you will get a reply. Well, actually, you will get a run around reply. 7. TRY 4, 5 and 6 with any company you may be considering and tell us what reply you will get. But, try them first with

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