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    Hello my friends,

    Something I wanted to share that I keep seeing come up over and over and over again, is that people hit rock bottom and eventually do the inevitable google search for how to make money from home or online, and then they are bombarded with a bunch of crap that just sends them in a ongoing vicious cycle of info overload and confusion.

    In this thread I'm going to try and break down for you as simple and dumbed down as possible how to make money from home and what has worked for me....

    There is no perfect MLM/Network marketing company (same thing) That is going to be able to offer you a get rich over night plan. Not saying you can't make some massive breakthroughs because it has happened and is possible... But do you know how?

    Well these people have built an email list over time and with this list of people have built relationships. A list of people that like and even love them and there content they give them, is an asset to the list owner.. They can join any company and cross promote to their list and over night crush it and cash in big!

    With a list you can also sell relevant products that are beneficial and make money with a push of a button, the email broadcast button... lol.. no seriously though.

    So I want to tell you thats the biggggg secret.. YOU NEED TO FOCUS ON BUILDING A LIST.. Not really a secret.. Its just being in the know.. Really this is just the birds eye view.. Because to build a list you need:

    1.A compelling offer (product/biz opp)
    2.A system (Squeeze Pages to capture leads that redirect to offer, training, community)
    3.Traffic To Send To Your Squeeze Page or system

    I highly recommend if your brand new to not try to do everything yourself and leverage a system.. This will jump start your learning curve extremely fast and put you on the right path including when there is a community within the system that can help.

    Also always be Learning - Implementing (take action) - Teaching others SIMULTANEOUSLY ....

    Everyone growing up is taught soooo wrong how to be successful .. . Learn learn learn learn learn then finally implement..

    In the entrepreneurs world to find success its the above... Learn -> Take Action -> Teach Others. Doing this on a daily basis!

    Wealth is never destroyed Only Transferred!

    Last thing I want to point out here...

    You really need to work on your MINDSET more than anything. What do I mean?

    Your subconscious works in questions... So Stop putting negative crap in there from TV, Radio, Negative People (even your family)

    Start investing in Personal Development books like :
    1. Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich <--- Notice its "Think"
    2.Robert Kiyosaki - Rich Dad Poor Dad
    3.Noah St John - The book of Afformations

    If you have any questions or need help.. Don't hesitate to reach out to me!

    To your unlimited success
    Brandon Lukas

    PS... Don't get into "Chase Every New Shiny Object Syndrome" All you need to do is follow what I said above in this post to a T... Your welcome :)
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    Nice post Brandon.

    If you want success with MLM/direct sales yes you do need to build the list as the real money is in the relation ship with the list. That is also why you need to build your presence online and brand yourself to give value back to your target market. This can not happen when you are only promoting your MLM upfront. Those are old ineffecient methods of marketing. Step up and become valuable then people will like and trust you enough to be on your list. It is all part of what I teach in the WMI blueprint.
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    I am looking for a few books on mlms, and internet marketing, any you can recommend?

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