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Discussion in 'Work at Home Moms' started by zinajetts, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. zinajetts

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    Thank you so much for this forum which has valuable informational contents regarding scams on the internet for "work from home" products.

    I was about to waste my $47 on the "ehomeprofitkit" scam by Michelle Mathews. However, according to one of the posts on your forum, Michelle Mathews doesn't exist, and her "local" company is actually based in the Grand Cayman.

    Thanks for all the valuable posts!
  2. Ron S

    Ron S New Member

    BBB's list of top scams and rip-offs of 2010 revealed that "Job hunters and those struggling to make money and get out of debt were common targets of fraudsters, hackers and deceptive businesses in this tough economy."

    The list also mentioned the following:

    "Job Hunter Scams ??“ Scams targeting job hunters vary and include attempts to gain access to personal information such as bank account or social security numbers and requirements to pay a fee in order to even be considered for the job.

    Work from Home Schemes ??“ Some work from home schemes promise to teach the secrets to making money online, others claim you can make money assembling items at home or get paid to be a mystery shopper. Some victims even found that their opportunity to work from home was a job to fence stolen goods. The end result is that instead of getting paid, you can end up losing hundreds??”if not thousands??”of dollars."

    So be extra careful when you look for work at home job.
  3. weebitty

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    I would recommend if you find something you think you might like come back here and do a search on it and see if anyone knows about it and has posted something on it already. If not you can ask about it with a link to the opportunity so that others can help give their opinion on it.
  4. talfighel

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    Anything to do with JOBS that require you to pay a one time fee is pretty much a scam.

    Anything to do with internet work at home that require you to pay and then become an affiliate and learn how to market affiliate programs online is very legit.

    I know that there are many scams out there but just because an opportunity is listed in the BBB as being a scam, does not mean that it is.

    If you take a good company and then have some people bash it online, does that make it BAD? Not really. It just these people who had a bad experience with it.

    Maybe they were looking for something for nothing. [​IMG]

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