Working At Home And Raising Your Grandchildren

Discussion in 'Raising Kids' started by gchildren, Aug 24, 2007.

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    Raising my children was one of the most exciting adventures of my life.

    What I never expected in this journey was to be 60 years old and helping my children raise their children in my home.

    What complicates the issue is that in June of 2003, I left my employment and began developing an internet business in my home.

    Wow! What I challenge.

    To all of you who have taken the time to read this I would like to encourage you that you can rise to any occasion in life IF you want to. You can make your home business successful. You can face the challenges that life drops in your path and become a better person. Attitude and perspective are the key.

    So this thread is a bit of encouragement. If you are working at home AND raising a family, it is not easy. But both can be done successfully with a good attitude, a right perspective AND hard work.

    I wish you success in your endeavors.


    Hey, maybe we could use this thread to encourage each other!
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    How much time do you spend developing your business?

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