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  1. athome

    athome New Member

    Would love to be able to work from home but so many options not sure which way to go? I have looked into Arise, Alpine, LiveOps, West - to name a few and I am soo confused... There are post with just as many cons as there are pros on these companies... What to do?
    Then to top it off tried my chance with Arise last night and got a disqualification notice right away - not sure what that is about but I'm bummed... Just wondering if anyone has any personal input on these companies that might help me decided who else to apply to... Just want to stay home with my kids =\
  2. Dennis Anthony

    Dennis Anthony New Member

    They look like call center type jobs -is that what you're looking for?
    I never cared for direct sales much. Quotas and sales managers always breathing down your neck....

    Perhaps those opportunities are different. I really only glanced at their websites.

    Most folks on the forums promote the products and services of others as affiliates. We set our own schedules and get paid when a customer takes a particular action or makes a purchase.

    There are plenty of very knowledgeable and helpful folks here.
    Take a look around and keep asking questions. You'll find the right opportunity.

    I'm sure of it! [​IMG]

  3. kenwrites

    kenwrites New Member

    I agree with Dennis, ask questions about different revenue generating methods. There are many options from freelance writing, affiliate marketing, web design, editing, and VA.

    But, and here is the kicker, take in some knowledge get a direction and move forward. Don't get stuck in the "learning" phase. We are all learning all the time. We have to implement what we have learned though to see results.

    One thing to consider in your search.....what are you passionate about? Can you turn that passion into a profitable at-home business?

    Hope that helps.[​IMG]
  4. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    athome: Then to top it off tried my chance with Arise last night and got a disqualification notice right away - not sure what that is about but I'm bummed...
    You mentioned that you have kids - when I looked into a few of those, I soon found out that they are not very 'mom friendly'. You can't be working while your kids are awake as they don't want any background noise. For me that woulda meant working in my precious night time hours and I wasn't that

    So I started on the journey of learning internet (or affiliate) marketing and while you will not make enough to pay the bills for quite awhile, I kept my head down and kept learning ( oh and Kenneth is right, you will only learn by DOING in this game!)... knowing that this was my way out eventually.

    It was truly a Godsend as with the various ways of income that I have developed over the past 5 years it DOES pay the bills and more now.

    I still do house-cleaning on the side as I don't have the heart to tell my clients that I won't do it anymore and besides I need to get out of the house once in awhile too. [​IMG]
  5. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Yes, there are great work at home opportunities, but Jobs are not where one is likely to find the relief they seek. Today's economic challenges call for us to all put, at least some of, our efforts into doing something for ourselves.

    Find a viable work a home business and go to work and look up a year from now and be filled with joy in your success.

    You can make the income you desire and more working from home in a viable home business. Networking marketing is the new job. Don't run from it, embrace it and learn how to succeed at it.
  6. chirotrainer

    chirotrainer New Member

    I'm in direct sales and my managers are not bothering me. I don't bother the people I manage, I always ask them how they are doing and if there are any challenges they would like me to help them with. I always want to uplift people not pressure them it works great.
    I agree to find a business you can be passionate about. I am super passionate about health and non-toxic household products, so it's very easy for me to communicate with people about our stuff.
    Good luck in your search.
  7. Benjimester

    Benjimester New Member

    It's very good that you're researching your options. I like to research options based on my own skill level. There are different options out there for persons of different skill levels. Article writing is probably the easiest way to get started in the world of making money online. That's where I began. Since then, I've begun researching avenues that take more online marketing knowhow, namely affiliate marketing.

    In my opinion, start small. Do something like article writing, and keep researching online marketing strategies until you know the ropes. Then branch out and start doing other things. I'll leave a link for you to check out. In my opinion, it's the easiest site to get started on.
  8. athome

    athome New Member

    Thanks everyone your input was/is very helpful - I will continue researching to find what will be best for me... Not looking to get rich - just to continue to bring home the same paycheck (which is not very big) but never leave ther house [​IMG]
  9. jbpatlanta

    jbpatlanta New Member

    I would look into any sort of MLM opportunity very carefully. There are many good companies out there, but there are some pretty horrible ones, too.

    I have heard many bad things about Alpine, but then again I don't know from first hand experience.

    Just be sure to check around in forums and find out what other people think about them. Try to find people who are working for the company now or worked for them before.

  10. bianca_dee

    bianca_dee New Member

    Great inputs here! I love the advice on the learning part. We should not get stuck with the learning phase. At some point, we need to really apply what we have learned.
  11. sarauk

    sarauk New Member

    There a lot of options to increase your income but it is really up to you if you wanted paid jobs with minimum pay or go down the internet marketing route. I looked into those work from home jobs I even applied to some but at the end, I decided against it.

    It was good experience to go through the applying process which now I can write about it in my blog. Internet marketing takes time but it is rewarding in the long run, and you can decide when to work instead been stuck certain hours every night to answer calls. Like others said, most of these do not want children around while working which is not very easy to do for a lot of mums.
  12. riennns

    riennns New Member

    there is a way to earn with Hotfile,its a file hosting service.You have to upload your files and after that share with others.the best way to do that is by posting in forums.So you can upload anything, music, movies, programs what ever, but the important thing is to share, and when someone downloads your file you get paid.It is not a scam, you don't have to pay anything just to register, create an epassport account so they can pay you and you can start earning immediately. You have to put in a little effort and time, because its not big money in the start,but if you are persistent you can make nice money.Anyone can try it- i did- its free and you cant lose. Im a mother too, and this is something i can really do with my kids around.
  13. yasser

    yasser New Member

    athome: Would love to be able to work from home but so many options not sure which way to go? I have looked into Arise, Alpine, LiveOps, West - to name a few and I am soo confused... There are post with just as many cons as there are pros on these companies... What to do?
    you can try selling on ebay. its a great option for newbies
  14. j11_cook

    j11_cook New Member

    I actually applied to Alpine myself several years ago and I got absolutely nowhere with them. There are plenty of options for you to be able to Work At Home. I know you said you have been doing loads of Research, but unfortunately that is what it requires to find the right opportunity. There are a lot of great options just within this forum that you can check into. Read about them and then do your research and remember that not all opportunities that present themselves are SCAMS because the reviews say they are. There are always going to be Good Reviews and Bad Reviews on everything you find. It is a matter of each individual opinion. A lot of times the Bad Reviews on a business stem from a person that was not willing to work hard enough to make the system work for them.

    If you truly want to make money at home, it will require you to work at it and put an honest effort into it. Find a program that will not only offer you an opportunity to make money at home, but also one that will show you Step By Step how to do it. Someone can give you something to work with, but if they do not show you how to work it, it will not go anywhere and will not make you any money.

    Stay MOTIVATED and you will be Successful.

    Best Wishes,

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