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Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by LindaSweetfield, May 8, 2010.

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    Hey guys. Hope you are all enjoying the weekend. Just a quick one. with the world cup coming up in south Africa, here's a throwaway idea i used for the last one and the Olympics and intend to pump again now, so if you are a newbie this one can make you some good money if done right. The premise is that when people make a firm decision to buy high ticket electronic items they usually search by exact name and model number. So someone buying a state of the art tv, and believe me they will in droves for the world cup, and who is at the end of the buying process will search this way. Use the Amazon electronics section to find best sellers, do your due diligence on your keyword/search volume weapon of choice and see what you get back. I found a doozy of an item where the search volume is in five figures per month with an astonishingly low numbers of half way decent competing pages. Will be number one there within a week, less in fact. So, why ugly money method? I make a ugly plain html site and use that, just the facts of the item, no "review" or at least not a hypey one that screams "I am selling you". They are already sold, they just want a tipping of social proof and reassurance that somebody else who can barely construct a web page thought this was a good tv and was impressed enough that they felt compelled to share it with the world. Works every time. I know, Amazon cookie, low return, they may just get up and go to the mall etc etc, although the commis is none too shabby on large items, BUT but you can do this in zero time almost and its the very definition of low hanging fruit currently. If you are new, this can be one to start with. Any questions, let me know. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Lin

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