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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by Julianna, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. Julianna

    Julianna New Member

    I am just beginning with the Whirpool recall and having doubts already.

    I was only able to secure 8 hrs. for next week. With the expense of the installation of a 2nd landline with no frills, a new phone, and a headset ~~~

    Is it worth it?

  2. ShawnFL

    ShawnFL New Member

    I decided not to get a 2nd landline, just took off my call waiting and told friends/family, and the kids school to call my cell if they needed me. The hours I work wouldn't be worth the cost of another line. I just use my cordless phone and purchased a cheap headset from WalMart. It does the job and has a mute and volume button. I'm sure that hours will pick up, especially during the summer when you have mom like me that will have kids at home and not be able to work as many daytime hours [​IMG] Good luck!
  3. Julianna

    Julianna New Member

    Thank you, Shawn.

    I have my primary landline with Comcast and you can only disable the call-waiting for one call at a time; so I was forced to get a second one.

    I am still very discouraged concerning the "securing" of hours.

  4. ShawnFL

    ShawnFL New Member

    I have comcast too, that's why i just canceled the call waiting all together and just have caller ID. I figure everyone who knows me knows my cell # too and will usually call that if they can't get me on the landline [​IMG]

    Yes, it's been rough this week getting any hours for next week. I seem to keep missing them. One day I logged on within 10 minutes of someone posting they were up and they were already wiped out! No trades for today either.

    Is this going to be your main source of income or are you using this job for extra income? There are some other places that are hiring for work at home jobs. I believe Convergys is currently hiring and you might want to check into Cloud 10 too. Both of those companies hire for set hours/set days. I need the flexibility of W*st so that's the only reason I'm hanging on [​IMG]

    Good luck!
  5. Julianna

    Julianna New Member

    I read the Comcast manual and discovered that I could only disable call-waiting per call. Impossible to manage with back-to-back calls.

    Luckily I have been able to secure a goodly number of hours for this week. [​IMG]

    Thanks for the Convergys info!
  6. Scarlett2761

    Scarlett2761 New Member

    I live in Indianaolis and 'applied' at West. They stated they had no work right now. What's up with that? Anyone else run into this problem? THANKS!!![​IMG]
  7. araliss

    araliss New Member

    My son and his wife both hit the same wall Scarlett. I applied gee I don't know 8 months ago so I finally decided to follow up and they had me do the KSA assessment test but I haven't heard anything further so far. Course this was just yesterday so we'll see.

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