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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by cfps1966, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. cfps1966

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    I have a thing going that I can show is making money. Now I have this idea that to get people to join, which will earn me a referral commission, I am willing to give a new joiner $50 to get them started. Has anyone ever done this or is it plain naïve of me to believe that this would not just get withdrawn and squandered? Lol.
  2. payment proof

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    If you give me $50 as a new joiner, what are you getting out of it? For example, is there an initial cost to join and you are giving me $50 off that price?

    If you give them $50 with no strings, you may want to set a requirement for withdrawing it. For example, you have to make $100 more on top of that $50 before you can withdraw any earnings.

    Just a couple of Friday night thoughts off the top of my head lol. Hope it helps.
  3. cfps1966

    cfps1966 New Member

    what i am getting is 1. the person can see that it works and maybe invest in it too. 2. i get a small referral commission. 3. if they like it they get more folk on board which will grow the business.
    I thought about adding some strings to the money i will give... gonna go with "pay me back when you can afford it" lol.

    Thanks for the thoughts..... now to find out where to advertise this !! any ideas?
  4. PeterMFL

    PeterMFL Active Member

    The problem is that if it's an easy entry and there's a chance that they'll sit back and do nothing and if they do this they will obviously not see results.
    If they don't see results they will leave.

    I used to spend a lot of time setting up website/blogs and other systems for new people that joined my team.
    The problem with this was that I putting in a lot of time and effort trying to help them but because they had it easy they didn't put any effort or time to help themselves.
    Obviously they didn't see results and quit. This means all that time and effort I put in went to waste.

    However, the people who I 'guided' and didn't do everything for them, put in the time and effort slowly grew and saw results.

    It's really up to you if you want give it a shot and pay for peoples fee's to join but you need to think about what happens when they quit...
    If you are using money then you are making then it's definitely not be worth it.
  5. Vanessa Deifel

    Vanessa Deifel New Member

    In my experience, when you put in money or time and effort to start and build a persons business for them, they have nothing invested and nothing to lose. I learned that the hard way thinking I would help a couple of people close to me get started and they could pay me back when they could afford it. They did eventually pay me back, but they had no investment or interest in the business and no desire or drive to learn, to promote, and to make it a success. Anyone who doesn't believe in it enough to find the money on their own, most often isn't going to have a big enough "why" to drive them to be successful at it. They often take the attitude of, "Meh. It was only $50 or $500. No big loss."

    If you are only making money from the commission of intially bringing someone new to the business and you don't lose it if/when they quit, then I guess I can see your reasoning. However, if you are making money from acquiring a new business partner as well as ongoing residual from customers they bring in, then offering an incentive to get them to sign up which they can easily shrug off doesn't make as much sense.

    Just my humble opinion. :D
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  6. JODAD

    JODAD New Member

    If you are sharing the OPP with someone and have a strong belief in your product, I feel you do not have to give them a kick back . You may have to do that all the time to get them to do anything! They have to be motivated. At times I will give a kick back to a team member if they can create value for our team to give incentive and create some momentum for all members of your team. It needs to be fair for all.
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  7. UltimateWingman

    UltimateWingman New Member

    If you want to put your personal money to get someone signed up go for it, but if you lose your money I would not complain haha

    My recommendation is, if they are interested, but do not have the money, let them find a way to get the money. If they are TRULY interested, as humans we can get very resourceful. The ones that find a way to get the money are the ones that seriously want to RUN with you and know they can get that money back plus a boat load more.
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  8. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Take that $50 and spend it on pay per click ads. Your conversions will be better.
  9. eclicx

    eclicx New Member

    Robo marketing can be better option than this =) after all we are not sure about human productivity these days.
  10. mike Bryan

    mike Bryan New Member

    if you are looking for incentives to get people to join under you you should probably do like a 50 dollar contest instead of giving them 50 dollars to join. I was browsing sites a while ago and I saw this guys site and it was genius.
    His contest was plain and simple.
    The prize was 50$
    what you had to do to join his contest was to join under him, earn your first 10$ then send him an email with there referral link to comfirm their entry.
    he was using a gpt site that told you your referral earnings and username, that's how he could tell
  11. Lorraine Pierce

    Lorraine Pierce New Member

    There's PPC offers that people can do and then you get say $25 and the other person paid $20 for the offer. Then you can reimburse them the $20 and keep the $5.
    I know a system that works like that, so they basically advertise that you can do this for free.

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Pay it Forward is not a new concept, many have done very well by offering an incentive to join your company, free samples have been used successfully for years, just look at all the TV promotions for free trials, everyone is using this come on, so it must be working.

    I just paid for a friend to come into one of my businesses, and for one reason, his list is bigger than mine, and it is paying off big time as he just ran his first promotion to his list, so was it worth it, yes, with just one new customer that he generates by simply sending to his list, I make a long term residual, so no difference than advertising, you have to advertise, you have to spend money, so I simply spent my money more wisely than dumping it into the usual media buys which are hit or miss at best, and much more expensive.

    Pay It Forward is a very powerful concept, but like some have stated, many will not work a business if it was free, but what I have found is if a business position is in a matrix or binary, as example, the spillover can motivate some to get busy, I know I have seen this over the years, so it all depends. Either the product will motivate them, or the potential income will, but you just don't know until you try it.

    Many think the same, what is free is worthless, but this is not true. I remember one lady I had helped out years ago who was down on her luck, not motivated, but did need the product at the time, so I used the Pay It Forward donation, and sure enough, she did nothing to help herself, and it was sad for a person I introduced to business was placed under her and she exploded the business. Long story short, judging from what I earned on her efforts alone would have been going to my lady I had helped, so she missed out on five figure income by not making another purchase or referring even one person. I didn't want to rub it in, but sometimes you overlook the free things in life, and you will never forget these mistakes of thinking something for free is worthless.

    You just never know, but I for one have paid it forward a hundred times over the years in my businesses, and the average success is close to 80%, so I will always Pay It Forward to those in need, it just feels good to help others, and help them help themselves. If you Pay It Forward, Care To Share, People Helping People, the pay back can be huge.

    Success to all,
  13. I had been giving people a $100 gift certificate to join for a while. It did not improve conversions and new distributors were actually not using the gift certificates.

    Assuming you gave me $50 cash to join, and it is free to join, I would join to take the $50 and not do anything with the business. Most would.

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    I have used free incentives for years, and yes, did the free vacation vouchers, and you are right, most never used them, and for good reason, most cannot afford to go on vacation, but when I give away free $10. first order coupon codes for the same items they were purchasing elsewhere, this works like gold, and the residual income provides more than enough to cover the $10. cash discount coupon.

    I cannot fathom giving someone $50. to register for free distrubutorship that I didn't know, but sometimes paying the $50.00 distributorship will work for the cost of distributorship is different than just handing someone a $50.00 bill. You never know, it all depends on establishing the value in giving a person a free incentive.

    I use FREE-RX-PLANS discount pharmacy cards for years and not only do those I give them to use them, they refer others without any lure of earning of an extra income, just because they really do save money, and who doesn't want to save money. If they happen to wake up to the income opportunity which is passively dripped to them in email follow up system, they join, I earn a commission, never mind on each time they use card. So this is one of those free incentives that pays you to give them out in appreciation for their business. Sometimes it is the smallest thing that can bring the largest level of gratitude.

    Success to all,
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  15. Dereco Cherry

    Dereco Cherry Member

    I would suggest NEVER paying someone to join your deal or company. They really have nothing to lose if they quit because they are not using their own money.
  16. SandraGJ

    SandraGJ Member

    Completely agree with all of the mentioned. You give someone 50$ and expect something in return but that's not how it works. If you don't want to be taken advantage of, I suggest you offer something rather than money, something that can motivate them to join your business further. Paying someone to join you just seems desperate, but that's just my opinion.
  17. momto4

    momto4 New Member

    Its not duplicatable! You have to think, Can someone else duplicate this? Can 100 or a 1000 people duplicate what I am doing to get a business builder or a customer? If you answer yes to duplication, then you can teach it, then you will receive!

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