Would you do this again if you could do it over?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by kevin664, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. kevin664

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    Sit down with anyone who has retired from a life
    of hard work and ask them this simple question:

    "Would you do this again if you could do it over?"

    I'm almost willing to bet that most will be generally
    satisified with the "work life" they lived but at some
    point in the conversation they will touch on these
    3 main regrets they would want to have a "do-over"

    - work less
    - spend more time with family
    - travel and have more fun

    These profound statements can have an affect on
    anyone and cause them to ponder the vocation
    in which they have chosen and will that line of work
    allow them NOT to have those regrets.

    I know that I had to re-evaluate my vocation before
    I made a paradigm shift into my life's direction.

    Did I want to live paycheck to paycheck and live with
    a ceiling on my income?

    Did I want to be a slave to a J.O.B. and succumb to a
    false sense of security by receiving a paycheck that
    could be cut at any time?

    Did I want to fast forward the years and have the same
    wishes of more family time, work less and travel more?

    The answer is ............ NO!!!!!

    Network marketing has allowed me to not trade hours
    for dollars. I no longer have a ceiling on my income.
    I can now ensure that I have more time, more travel
    and guess what..... I work less.

    Ultimately, network marketing has been the right
    vehicle to allow me to live freely in every sense of
    the word so I have no regrets.

    If you are stuck in a vocation of trading hours for dollars
    just ask yourself, "Would you do it all over again?"

    - Kevin Tyler Smith
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    kevin664: Ultimately, network marketing has been the right
    vehicle to allow me to live freely in every sense of
    the word so I have no regrets.

    And the beauty of it is that once you have developed the skill of network marketing - it will benefit you in any business you get involved in.... especially if you are tapping into a good personal development program as well.[​IMG]
  3. westfam11

    westfam11 Member

    Great question and commentary.

    I try not to think of what could have been, that could be too depressing. I try to focus on the now and that, "I am so glad I found out about network marketing, home business, etc. at least sometime in my life". Maybe I wouldn't have been so eager to accept it in my very young days but I am embracing it right now and it is very challenging and I love it.

  4. mycats

    mycats New Member

    Network marketing is a great way to earn an income and to meet people and learn social skills. You can use the skills you learn here in any business to become successful.
  5. KarenSmith67

    KarenSmith67 New Member

    There is not better way to achieve financial freedom then with a network marketing business.

    I myself was tired of making someone else rich, instead I wanted to choose my income level. The hard work I choose to put into my business, allows me to have my desired income.

    I agree with Becky.....timing is of the essence! It takes time to find the right opportunity, and I have always believed that if I had not gone through what I have gone through with searching for the right business, I would not be where I am today. I have learned so much along the way. As the old saying goes "progress, not perfection".

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