Would You Recommend Mono-line MLM Structure or Forced Matrix?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by Syll Onajobi, Aug 29, 2014.

  1. Syll Onajobi

    Syll Onajobi New Member

    From your MLM Experience, how would you rate the advantages or otherwise, of the Single Line MLM Structure, compared to the Forced Matrix ( Pyramid Scheme)?

    Any noticeable advantage of one over the other?

    Should the MLM structure be a point of consideration in deciding to join an MLM Program?

    Please advise.
  2. Curtis Slone

    Curtis Slone New Member

    When it comes to compensation plans, they're all fundamentally the same. You're going to have to recruit people that will be directly under you. I think what's more important is finding the right product to back.
  3. Tatyana

    Tatyana New Member

    Binary comp plans with heavy matching bonuses have created the most MLM millionaires. Now, to clarify your statement, forced matrix does not make a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is a company/business that have NO product but only cycle money. Those are illegal. Regardless of structure of comp plans, any company with a product and a strong customer base is legal and legit. Best wishes. :)

    P.S. With any comp plan, those who work the hardest, get paid the most and they may be way down in the downline, so that totally skews the pyramid :D :D :D

  4. uniqueconnect

    uniqueconnect New Member

    Hello Syll,
    YES the structure counts however their is success in most companies. The System, product, tools, training/leadership are the main components to weigh in on. Your unique gift is the real component to consider. I will say look out for programs with break aways and splits they can really have a lets say weird effect on your longevity. Look to create a culture and when you choose make sure you are prepared to launch your business and focus all energy and resources for 90 day increments. Nothing must get in your path, this industry will reveal yourself to you so charge like a rhino surround yourself with awesome positive individuals all the while only listening to the force within you that desires to live instead of exist.
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  5. Wi11

    Wi11 New Member

    I've heard several schools of thought on building a team. Some say it is better to invest wider before you go deep and others have the opposite view. My opinion, however, is to focus more wider with a little effort in building downward. I say that because the little focus you spend isn't so much for your initial benefit but rather getting the small wins for your downline.


    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Interesting subject,

    As I have learned, in all compensation plans, what is most important is that your DO get paid. lol The debate on which plan is best is getting a little old, and in the end, it makes little difference as I see it and have learned. I have seen them all, and would be hard pressed to say which is best, it all depends on so many factors, entry price, product, consumable, just too many variables to point one in one direction or another. And besides, who would choose a program based on compensation plan alone?

    The spillover fairy was invented based on both binary and matrix programs where thes attract a ton of do nothing people who expect to have a downline built for them, and it rarely ever happens. When a program like these are hyped by the spillover fairy believers, you are doomed to fail. A program cannot last long when you attract all do nothing people. We already know the average person only recruits 1.2 people last time I researched this in the industry, so if most are do nothings, you get nothing.

    Personally, I am old school, a unilevel works great and is the oldest compensation model in my knowledge dating back to Amway beginnings. Sure, many hybrids exist which makes it more interesting, but a basic unilevel is hard to argue about. Binaries came about with the hype of your upline will build one leg for you, or the power leg as it is referred to, and we all know what that gets you, NOTHING unless you can duplicate it on your weak leg, which rarely every happens in my experience. The same holds true with matrix, if you get stuck in dead matrix, and no one is doing anything above you, you will also see NOTHING. The problem I have with both is that evil spillover fairy which pumps newbies up, only to let them down and the attrition level is the highest in these hyped up compensation plans.

    I have been in all three and have seen the same results over and over again, so for my, a hybrid unilevel is my choice, and of course, you can have all sorts of incentives like matching bonuses, higher retail profits on initial sales, deeper structures with unlimited width and depth options, just too many variables which can make or break a compesation plan to say it is a black or white decision. It is all about the products to me, not the compensation plans. If you have a product which sells itself, everyone wants, international, consumable, unique and exclusive, environmentally safe, health oriented and saves time and money, I don't care what the compensation plan is, you will succeed no matter compensation plan business uses. It is more about the product than the compensation plan.

    Success to all,
  7. Bert Declercq

    Bert Declercq New Member

    My preference goes out to a binary system. It's a very basic, two team structure, the easier to understand the better.
    What I would also look for is a company that provides a structure where the upline members are still able to provided enrollments (Business Partners or Customers) below their downline. In some structures you simply have to build below yourself in order to make any money. These systems are still legal but I just don't like it when people above you are receiving but not giving.

    Of course in both cases you always have to put in work yourself but it's nice when you also get enrollment help from your uplines. This way everybody will grow a lot faster.

    Kind Regards,

    Bert Declercq
    Young Motivated Entrepreneur

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