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    As they don't charge you any upfront fees, it doesn't hurt to apply for a position. They also do seem to have a physical address which you can verify yourself.
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    I tried to go to there website and it said website not found. that is not a good sign ????
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    There site was down for a while.. its back up now. No worries. I am currently employed by this company, and i have had no problems with them yet. Fast, curdious, and rather professional. I havent been with them long enough to know if this is a con or not, but... i dont believe it is.
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    Quoting: vespianThere site was down for a while.. its back up now.

    Still site is not opening... check it out...
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    DOes anyone have any feedback on this site? I have noticed that it is the same as generalexpress.biz ... any thoughts???
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    Ok guys.. keep away. I did a little recearch on this, and dove deeper into it. The information i uncovered was most interesting. Check out these links..


    That, is some information on the scam. This.. is the one that i found to be the most interesting...


    This is a copy of a site that has been discovered... it is much like generalexpress.biz, and western-express.biz in the fact that they are three in the same. i wonder how many more of these sites there are out there... Just, keep away... Its that simple.


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