Discussion in 'West at Home' started by wahnewbie, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. wahnewbie

    wahnewbie New Member

    Hi, has anyone been offered to train for this new project??
  2. floridasmile

    floridasmile New Member

    Yes I have!!! Finished the training waiting to see if we get a webinar and it is supposed to launch Nov 9th.. [​IMG] hope it goes smooth for all....
  3. wahnewbie

    wahnewbie New Member

    Im almost done with the training, this looks like a fun skill
  4. angiedbc456

    angiedbc456 New Member

    I am still training is this one been paid by the hour when they say 8/hr base. What do they mean by that? It looks like a fun project to be on. I can't sales anything but I will do my best
  5. wahnewbie

    wahnewbie New Member

    angie, this means we get paid 8hr wheter e=we tak calls or not whoopie[​IMG]
  6. angiedbc456

    angiedbc456 New Member

    to wahnewbie

    From my understanding that is what it reads like don't quote me on it but its a paid by the hour not min.[​IMG]
  7. JEMG

    JEMG New Member

    I wish I was offered this opportunity. They sent out a survey and I said I was interested but I was offered DR.

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