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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by Entrepreneur2006, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. Entrepreneur2006

    Entrepreneur2006 New Member

    I Joined Xooma Worldwide about a month ago. So far I have had 15 sign ups and people asking me about the product all the time. Has anyone else heard of them or is a member? They have a product called Xtreme X2o thats benificial for your health and I have my co workers on it and They love it Any reviews from others?
  2. Aido

    Aido New Member

    yes i have heard of them and I am in the process of considering joining myself. I see there are different levels you can join with, anything from $9.95 a month to $299 as a distributor. What did you do and do you find the product good. I am just very skeptical about MLMs as they have often had such a bad rap, but the product intrigues me. Do you think you could sell this product on a store shelf?
  3. globalbiz

    globalbiz New Member

    Hi Aido,

    Seems like Entrepreneur2006 is no longer active in Xooma.

    Yes, you can sell Xooma product on a store shlef if your country has already approved thesale of Xooma products.

    There is a Retail box in Xooma back office wher you can get it for US$9.95 to retail in a store.

    Let me know if you need any further info. Cheers

  4. Aido

    Aido New Member

    How long have you been with xooma and do you use the product yourself. What level or how did you join and can you tell me the difference between the $9.95 and the $299 distribution level. How much money are you making approximately per month with this product and is it a stand alone product?
    Thanks, I really appreciate your feedback.

  5. globalbiz

    globalbiz New Member

    Hi Aido,

    l joined in early Jan 2007, the first week it was launched in my country.

    l used the product one week later & my whole family are taking the Xtreme X20 right now.

    l joined at $199 where it qualified me for all 9 income streams.

    The $9.99 is just for testing out the product & does not qualify you to earn any commission.

    The $299 pack is the best pack as it qualify you for all the 9 income streams including the fast start bonus & the back end product commission.

    Because of the fast start bonus, l made about $500 the first month because anyone you sponsor that comes in at the same level gives you a $75 commission. Those they sponsor give you $25 comm.

    The 2nd month commission is only about $100 plus as l start helping my downlines to bring in people so that they will stay.

    X20 is their Flagship product. They have over 20 plus other nutritional products at the back office.

    Btw, where are you from, Aido? You can email me at xooma4all@gmail.com

    Best regards
  6. Aido

    Aido New Member

    really appreciate the advice, I live in the usa, how about you? And do you market it only on the internet or how do you go about getting downlines??? Also have you noticed any difference taking the x20? Do you think this product can sell itself or is it all about downlines and having people signing up. I guess theres a part of me thats wonders why not just go the traditional route with this if the "product" is so fantastic. Why not just market to stores etc but maybe I dont know enough about any of that. Anyway I appreciate your comments and thanks for the information.
    Have a good one

  7. globalbiz

    globalbiz New Member

    Hi Aido,

    l'm from Singapore.

    l market to stores as well beside building downlines.

    l believe consumer base is very important.

    l went to the loo twice every day for a week (normal passing motions) after taking for just 2 days. Different people may experience differently as we are all unique.

    l belive this product will sell for itself as everyone needs water & it very easy to market. Got to go for a meeting.

    Hope to catch up with you later.

    Best regards
  8. beren

    beren New Member

    Hi Aido, please please don't jump on board a company for just the product or hype at a meeting or conference call. There are key objective factors to look at when determining a viable business opportunity.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions,
  9. bkamanski

    bkamanski New Member

    Just remember this sad statistic. 95% of all people FAIL AT MLM! There are many reasons but the main one is that most people can never recruit more than 2 people. The monthly auto-ship requirements will kill you too in most MLM's...Buyer Beware!


    P.S.- That is one thing I will never understand about these expensive FRUIT JUICE vendors. Why do I have to spend $50 or more a month to "qualify" for their commission program? Is it not enough that I am spending hours and money promoting their product to get costomers and other salespeople that they have to CHARGE me too?
  10. Nana

    Nana New Member

    Ouch someone has been burnt!
    Just remember why we wanted to join MLM in the first place? we want to be our own boss. If I buy a product I expect the person selling it to be walking the walk ie using the product so selling with integrity!
    There are people out there making $$$$+ and they have worked hard and not used silly excuses about how hard it is.
    Of course you have to work hard and to run any business you need to spend a darn site more than $50 a month!


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  11. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Nana: Of course you have to work hard and to run any business you need to spend a darn site more than $50 a month!

    LOL - you are right! When you start your own traditional business it costs WAY over $50 a month to have a storefront - which is what most of the monthly fees are all about in mlm. That and the monthly autoship.

    I am not involved in mlm right now - I had gotten burnt as it sounds like some on here have. So I got involved in a direct sales model, but with the training and support I have received there, I realize why my efforts in the former mlm's didn't work...

    I actually had signed up for Xooma about 2 years ago when I was doing my research on home businesses.... I love the bottle I got [​IMG]

    Bottom line is simply - are we looking for a handout or a handUP by having our own business from home??

    It is going to take consistent effort and persistence to get your business up and going as Robert Kyosaki said... it is a people business - the more people you help change their lives using this new tool we have called 'network marketing' the more you will help yourself... and let's face it, the government and our economy is not all about helping us succeed so if we can help each other - why not??

    I'll get off my soap box now![​IMG]

    Have a great weekend all,

    YOURSUCCESSCoac New Member

    Xooma started off in 2005 and during that time, many say it won't last... and till now, Xooma is still around and growing strong. Is really a pity for those who had given up.

    Xooma is a good company with good product -- Who Do You Know Who Drink Water?

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