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Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by ozopps, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. ozopps

    ozopps New Member

    Hello all,
    My name is Rob aka ozopps and I have joined this group to learn from the accumulated depth of knowledge here.
    I also look forward to being able to share with you.

    We grey beards have a little world experience even if we are not as sharp as the tech savvy youth.

    Cheers [​IMG]
  2. MedTranHome

    MedTranHome New Member

    Welcome! Grey beards rock.
  3. roseliabubakar

    roseliabubakar New Member

    Hey welcome Rob,

    Sounds like an experienced hand here.

    Looking forward to your posts [​IMG]
  4. cybermommy

    cybermommy New Member

    Welcome to the boards Rob [​IMG]
    Looking forward to your posts too.

  5. lalit7552

    lalit7552 New Member

    ozopps: My name is Rob aka ozopps

    You got really tongue twisting name.

    Its really nice to see you here ... welcome and I hope we can share each other knowledge and gain from it.

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