Yes... It works, just takes a little time.

Discussion in '1StepSystem' started by made2prosper, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. imcneil3

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    In regards to my question about the post card. I don't need a printer. I am a desktop publisher by trade. I already have 200 post cards that I would like to use. I just need to be able to put in my code and remove the 800 number. Is this possible?

    Thank you
  2. 1stepcoach

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    That's way outside my area of expertise, but they're in the process of removing the 800 # from all the printable materials in the back office due to lack of interest from 1 Step associates, they're just going to go with the website addresses instead. The drop cards are the only things they haven't switched over yet. They've already removed it from the newspaper ads, post cards and flyers. The post cards are very similar to the drop cards, could you use them instead?
  3. imcneil3

    imcneil3 New Member

    Yes, I can use the drop cards
  4. dppls

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    Did I understand right?
    It costs 597$ to become member?
    And then for every member under that you get 500$??

    Isn't kind of a pyrammidal scheme?
  5. clendon

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    You are thinking MLM - This program uses the 2up compensation plan. In a 2up program you become a member and you pay your sponsor $500 (the cost of the product). ! step system charges you the one time fee of $97. In a 2up program, you give up your first two sales to your sponsor, just as your sponsor did when they entered the program. After that you are on your own. At that point every time you make a sale, they give up their first two sales to you - those two sales give their first two to you and so on. It is called leveraged income.

    Their is never anyone "under you"

    This is an excellent program but you need to understand the compensation program to understand it value.

    If you go to the 1Step page of my website you can download a free ebook that does a good job of explaining this compensation plan.

    The Piedmont Group
  6. 1stepcoach

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    Very good point, this isn't MLM and you don't get paid for bringing on members, you're selling a proprietary product (just like someone who buys a Subway franchise has the right to sell Subway's products). Not everyone who purchases the product sells it, some purchase just for the product itself. Those who choose to sell it, pay the company a $29 monthly fee for the 1 Step Marketing System (personal website w/your payment links built in, auto-pilot auto-responder, access to the 1SS Marketing Center, etc.). And like Clendon mentioned in the previous post, there is leverage created by the 2-up compensation plan. Everyone receives a personal mentor and makes 2 training sales to become Qualified. Once you are qualified you will mentor others and they will pass 2 training sales to you. The company is currently running a promotion however, where if you aren't able to make your 2 training sales within 30 days, you won't have to make them, you will be Qualified and ready to start earning $500 per sale. Sign up for the company's daily teleseminar to hear complete promotion details (or listen to the latest recorded teleseminar on my website).

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