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Discussion in 'Productivity and Motivation' started by larslarson123, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. larslarson123

    larslarson123 New Member

    I start every morning with a cup of India Spice or Green Tea with Ginger.
    I proceed to practice half an hour of transcendental meditation (TM).
    I do simple yoga salutations and a few push-ups and crunches to get my blood flowing and open my energy channels.
    Hiking is the most cleansing and exhilarating of exercise for me, and it puts me in the perfect mindset to ponder on new ideas, especially for my home-based business.

    For anything in life, it's important to constantly step back and take your endeavors out of perspective, to get a fresh look at where you're going, and what your motive and goals are.
    In combination with a simple, healthy diet (preferably food with Eastern influence like Indian and Oriental) and some great meditative exercises for the mind and body, you'll guarantee a much greater chance at success and a better lifestyle in general.

    Stay happy, stay healthy, stay focused, relax, but get excited! As internet businesspeople, we have THE best workplace I can think of (home) and the best hours I could ask for (whenever you want). We should be some of the most fulfilled and peaceful people out there!

    Have fun and feel free to post your tips for vitalizing the mind, body, and spirit :)
  2. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Nice routine. Doing meditation first thing in the morning helps build up clarity and stay focused.

    I believe it should be also the last thing you do before retiring. Helps release stress and improves the quality of sleep.
  3. larslarson123

    larslarson123 New Member

    Absolutely. It helps me to maintain patience and to stay focused. It also helps to boost my energy and uplift my overall attitude
  4. glindow

    glindow New Member

    I would just go for a walk. Whenever my mind is really clouded and I am having a hard time focusing I go for a walk, usually my mind is clearer after that.
  5. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    Meditation and exercise is a great way to start the day. It invigorates the mind, body and spirit. Meditating again before retiring is a nice way to "warm down" after the day's activities.

  6. bearly09

    bearly09 New Member

    I normally do yoga in the morning and it's great to help eliminate stress. Keeps me relaxed and helps my mind stay clear through-out the day. I should do it at night because of how relaxed it actually makes me feel. Sometimes I do go for walks too. Also cooking helps me focus when I'm done with it. Gives me a break from whatever I am doing. Even if I don't eat it, such as I cook something for someone else or for later. Sounds kind of weird but that helps me.
  7. bdkfreedom

    bdkfreedom New Member

    My girlfriend does yoga quite a bit at our gym...we recently just had our first child and every minute she can get away for an hour and just relax really helps her get throught the rest of the day! So I think if relaxation is what your looking for, Yoga is a great idea!!
  8. larslarson123

    larslarson123 New Member

    Cool, glad I'm not alone :)

    Working from home is wonderful, as it gives us the freedom and time to prioritize and set our own schedule. I plan to leave plenty of room for exercise and spiritual growth no matter how wrapped up in the web i get, as this is a great way to promote the creativity and productivity needed to gain an edge on the competition.
  9. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    larslarson123: I plan to leave plenty of room for exercise and spiritual growth no matter how wrapped up in the web i get

    Hi Lars,

    That's the ticket [​IMG]

    Well-rounded and balanced in everything we do while avoiding both extremes is where it's at.

    ~Newbie Shield~

    PS. But it's okay to be obsessed with online marketing because it's so fun [​IMG]
  10. Sonni

    Sonni New Member

    That's right IM is fun and if you are the type of person who loves to learn new things it's just the thing since there's always something new to check out. And eventually you'll make money too if you don't give up.
  11. PowerSuccess

    PowerSuccess Guest

    I'm a runner. It's like meditation for me. I can run for hours. It's kind of funny but I run and often bump into the UPS guy at a variety of different locations along his route. He just smiles, waves and shakes his head at how far I go on my "route."

    I also find walking long distances to be soothing. It brings me inner peace. I have a chihuahua that I actually pack up and tote with me on my walks. He knows when I am getting ready to go and actually jumps into the tote in advance, to let me know that he wants to come with me. Hilarious to watch.
  12. annaanna

    annaanna New Member

    How long does it take?
  13. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Having a walk outside is a great way to take the stress off when you run an online business. Everyone, I don't care how successful your are, gets stressed once in a while and taking a walk break does you some good.

  14. wahgo

    wahgo New Member

    I have been consistently practicing yoga for over a decade. I find that twenty minutes in the morning every day before I get involved at my desk helps me feel better, more awake and more motivated.
  15. nanlar

    nanlar New Member

    Mediation takes practice and can be very difficult at times. But making the decision to incorporate meditation into my everyday life changed everything for me.

    Thanks for bringing up the subject!

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