You need a way to connect with your downline AND prospects

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by cgardner1, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. cgardner1

    cgardner1 New Member

    Whatever you're promoting - you have to have a way to
    build a relationship with your prospects and also with your
    Real Business Needs Real People.
    It's a good idea to have professional real actors
    promoting your products and business model - to
    get more results.
    Also use actors in your autoresonders to connect on a regular
    basis with your prospects -
    It's a new age with web 2.0 and it's what people are expecting
    from leaders
  2. olav

    olav New Member


    I respectfully disagree with you. What people expect, that is almost gone in online business and mlm is real, honest, caring people that will help them out guiding them to make the right decition, and warning them about greedy companies and leaders that are just there to take your money.

    Actors is ok initially, but when it comes to building a relationship with people, you need to get educated on how to interact with different personallities, something my mentor is a master at. You need to make personal contact with people, not hire someone else who have no interest in helping out if they didn't make money from it.

  3. RayvinAndRob

    RayvinAndRob New Member

    It's true. People love to have their senses tickled. They want to sit back, feet up, with a bag of popcorn in their lap and be entertained. Remember A & E's slogan? "It's time well wasted!"

    Listen, to build a business you need serious people who will spend their time building and not loafing around. What kind of person do you want to attract? What kind of person do you want to work with?

    I can show you how to build your business BIG without having to hire an actor to do it for you. I will show you how to promote YOURSELF and you will move tons of product without ever having to sell it. I will teach HOW to think and not WHAT to think so that you will rarely, if ever, have to hear another "NO!"

    You don't need to hire someone to do a little song and dance on people's computer screens in order to succeed in your business. It's cute and all but do you really believe it will cause a majority of people to go, "Ooh! Look at that little man on my screen. He appears so professional and genuine. I don't care what he's selling I have to buy it! Where's my credit card?"


    Well, enough said about that. I'll be waiting for you here with a martini in hand until you get off the merry-go-round and you're ready to start learning how to really work this business. Contact me when that happens and we'll talk - LIVE IN PERSON - on the phone. Or, even better, if you're in my city we'll talk face-to-face.

    To Your success!

    Rob Nyte
    (705) 670 - 9326 (anytime)
    32 Morison Ave.
    Sudbury, Ontario
    Canada, P3C 3G5
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  4. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    When you are running an MLM business ONLINE, it is always good to show the people that are signing up under you that you are a real person and that you care about their success.

    Now to be honest, even though you show them that you are real and that you are there to help them, many are just lookie-loos. They are just there to test the water and see what you and the business is all about. They don't even intend to do anything.

    While many don't do anything, very few do show interest and take action.

    Not every person that joins you, needs your communication. They tend to take action by themselfes.

  5. RayvinAndRob

    RayvinAndRob New Member

    Yes. Tal makes some good points. Thank You, friend!

    However, in my experience, "lookie loos" or people "who don't intend to do anything" DO NOT sign up with your business in the first place. In the second place, I wouldn't accept them into my business anyway. I don't want buses in my organization. They're too heavy to push! I want Ferrari Spyders. They GO without having to push them. Sometimes you might even have to put the breaks on them and slow them down a little for the sake of balance. So I interview people before signing them up. I make sure they're the kinds of people I will like to work with. I want to be sure they're the type I won't mind spending a week with on safari tour of the African desert or an Alaskan cruise or a week in the Amazon, you know what I mean. You don't really know someone until you've travelled with them. LOL.

    So anyway. I prefer to skip all the hype and avoid attracting people who won't go anywhere. Never mind creating fancy little web sites with all the bells and whistles and stuff. Just concentrate on developing relationships with people. Love them into your life. It's simple. You have a heart, use it!

    But just to be clear, it doesn't mean you shouldn't make a fancy web site. I have a pretty cool site myself but it's not my ticket if you know what I mean.

    Rob Nyte
  6. cgardner1

    cgardner1 New Member

    Thanks for the reply!
    Yes I agree - you must have conversations and build a relationship - without a doubt - no question.

    I've been doing this full time for years now and I know that Nothing replaces the real touch via having conversations.

    The question is .... How do you Get those conversations in the first place?
    This is where the live actors come into play.
    They get you noticed.
    They make your website or lead capture page come "alive"
    They capture people's attention (and yes - people do expect to be talked to these days.
    They get your propects interested, by stimulating emotion and desire, making them much more likely
    to opt into your site.
    It works - it's proven - it's effective.
    If you want an increase in lead generation, opt ins or sales.
    It works.

    Not - to take Your place - I didn't think that is what I implied earlier - You just want to give yourself every advantage - and so you will
    want to use new technologies - to do that.
    This is not a automated system that leaves you out of the process
    It's one that makes any system you are using More effective.

    More conversations mean more money and live actors get results to increase the number of conversations you can have.
    I hope that says it better.
  7. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    MLM are not for people who just want to get rich quick.
    Need some motivated people to do their own work.

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