You Were Created Equal AND Unique!

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    From time to time, especially when you are about to take on a new challenge, or push the envelope and venture outside of your comfort zone, you can be overcome with feelings of doubt and uncertainty.

    You may find yourself questioning your preparedness, your ability, even your decision, and you may start wondering whether or not you are doing the right thing. You begin to second guess your chance of success.

    So you slip into what I call "mind game mode" and start comparing yourself to others you know and admire, who have already achieved the things you are aspiring to. And then you seem to find a host of reasons that favored their success.

    You identify things such as experience, education, money, connections, resources, and so on, and you subconsciously cite those as reasons why you might fail, because you don't believe you possess those elements to the same degree, therefore you are less likely to succeed.

    The truth is, those "reasons" are nothing more than veiled excuses you conjured up in your subconscious mind to sabotage your own progress. Somehow, if you shoot yourself in the foot, you'll have a ready made, understandable explanation for why things didn't turn out as planned.

    While those feelings are not uncommon, you don't have to let them lull you into a state of self-doubt and paralysis. Instead, you should use them to guide and inform your judgement and your actions.

    Each one of us is created equal and unique. We have the same potential to do, achieve and experience whatever someone else has done, achieved and experienced before us.

    But because we each have unique abilities, talents, skills and personalities, the pathway we take will naturally be different. They will be different challenges to overcome, and different solutions to meet those challenges, but the truth is: the essential tools you need to reach your goals are already within you.

    Whether or not you have discovered those tools is another matter; however, if you can embrace that thought and use it to fortify you when the going gets tough, you'll be surprised at the fortuitous flashes of inspiration that will light your way and lead you forward to the attainment of your goal.

    The outcome always rests with you and you alone.

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  2. Vishal P. Rao

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    What a timely and inspiring post Hermas (y) Looks like it was written just for me :)
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    I completely agree!

    We as humans have a predefined purpose. We as humans are unhappy until we find that purpose.
    We keep doing things to hide from the pain, or fill that hole.

    Movies, books, new cars, mid life crisis, dating, and even bad habbits. Smoking, narcotics, illegal drugs,
    and much more.

    We cannot find that feeling of satisfaction we once had at a younger age. It is all because we have not found
    what we are all designed for.

    The good news is, if you look for it you will find it before too long.

    Just to help out in those though days....

    Feelings are nothing. They are a chemical release in your brain. They have no power, no weight, do density, no measurement, and no consciousness.

    The only control feelings have over you is what you allow it to have.

    Next time you have a negative thought take a step back and try to grasp this concept. It is just a reaction of the body.
    Nothing has physically changed. Nothing has physically happened. The circumstance is the same,
    so why are you feeling negative? [​IMG]
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    Highly motivating. Yes it happens with me also. Thanks for the thought here. All are equally blessed with skills and opportunity, it depend on us how we can utilize it.

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