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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by kpmkt, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. kpmkt

    kpmkt New Member

    I've been invited to join Global Cash Flow Network,

    has anyone had any experience with them? or has heard good or bad things about this company?

    Seems a good company to join, but your opinions are needed and

    Please post your comments and thanks! [​IMG]
  2. cuddlescanada

    cuddlescanada New Member

    Hi kpmkt,
    I have done a little research for you and I am sorry to say that from what I can see these guys are scamming a lot of people. If you go to google search and put there name in you will find a lot of reports on people being scammed by these guys. Sorry. Hope this info helps.
    Just remember there are a lot of realy good systems out there not every one is scamming you. I have been scammed a few times, I guess thats how you learn.

    You will find that the forum here is great a lot of people here will give you some realy good advice, all you have to do is read the posts or ask questions.
  3. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    I purchased Russ Dalby's program. SCAM
  4. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Loos like the idea is to turn you into a "Certified Media Placement Specialist" , which sound suspiciosly like they teach you how to place ads.

    Not that there isn't some skill to writing and placing ads... but it seems to me that what they want to teach you to do is place ads promoting Global CashFlow Network, ie. recruiting people into an ad placement training program.

    Most network marketing companies include some kind of training on how to place ads. More involved negotiating tactics to get the most bang-for-your-buck can be had from common books on marketing.

    Its probably not BS but it may be overpriced for what they are teaching you and the skills may or may not transfer out to other money-making opportunities.

    If you want to know how to run Pay-Per-Click ads all you need to do is look over the Google training on it. They even have free phone-support people who will work with you (extensively, they want you to succeed and come back). Still, you would want to be marketing a product or service that provides a suiatbale return-on-investment.

    Read some core texts on marketing and you will understand it better than many of the people trying to promote online. A free education in how to make millions of dollars is available at your local library.
  5. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    Did anyone happen to see Russ Dalby's infomercial on t.v last night? I did. Apparently he has updated his course. I bought this course 5 years ago and I came to the conclusion that it was a scam, although I was pretty young when I ordered the course so I probably didn't read through it very well. Has ANYONE had success with his course?
  6. thekb

    thekb New Member

    I've been in the "Global Cash Flow Network" (GCFN)and "Certified Media Placement Specialist" program since July 2007 and have been chronicling my experiences on my blog (see my signature for the address).

    So far, I'm in the hole for about $5000. I've made back $210 so far. Doesn't look good, as far as a money-maker...but it's only been 2 months. But I'm trying to be fair, and not give up on my "investment" too soon. I'm still learning how to do the "media placement" thing.

    I think the company is legitimate in the sense that they aren't a fly-by-night outfit, and actually are trying to teach you how to do affiliate promotion thru their CMPS program. It is true, you learn by promoting the GCFN for them, as someone else posted.

    Word to the wise - if you join, don't get the "guaranteed traffic" program. Just get the basic CMPS program for about $300 and maybe the additional $300 for the "executive media package." But don't buy anything else. They have lots of upsells and some pushy salesmen.

    If you just get started in the CMPS program and avoid all the upsells, I actually think it is a good deal to learn how to do affiliate marketing and do online and offline advertising (they send you lots of training courses once you join the program.)
  7. Kimono_skunk

    Kimono_skunk New Member

    Actually, if I may offer my take on things here.
    I'm a brand new member here too.... grin, sit-kneels down.

    I had seen the Global Certified Network Specialist thing. And it really looked good because it was reccomended from a secondary link from here. One of two businesses that worked, as the poster said it in thier posting for no rip off scams.

    I signed up for the program, and seen the 'special-once-in-a-lifetime-chance-to-apply-or-you-lose-your-chance-at-more-cash-with -us-than-you-will-on-the
    (heh) 'standard' (COUGH BULLS%@!)-and-BROKE-applicants splash page, and about 19 clicky links, REALLY pouring on the sell of the lifetime. Man with this program, you can BUY the internet, and get the google CEO's to paint your house too for free.

    Well I SHOULDA Googled them, but the dollar signs were affecting rational means of thought, and I applied for the VIP program.

    Halfway through the special offer page, I cclicked 'Cancel' and voided the sale, or so I 'thought' happened.

    About 30-45 minutes later, one of thier sales specialists... (Ya know who he is, John Smith from the Matrix. Number #211) calls me and starts the very well crafted 'sales-pitch' (Cough _HORSE$#!T !!)

    Not 'REALLY' John Smith, i'm protecting them from ridicule here if I used thier real names.

    Man I gotta get some tea, im coughing a LOT Here.

    After the 45 minute pitch, and including Mr Smith oh-so-kindly-cutting-the-price-to-get-you-and-your-account-## signed up. He had me.

    I initially told him I cancelled it, but he said he could pull some strings, and try to get me on a scholarship or some #@%! After a try or two, he said 10 minutes later I was declined.
    I said it was no biggie, and i'll sign up again when time came.

    It turns out that the John Smith #211, and everyone else surrounding his cube, ran my credit card through the system 2xs, and APPROVED each time @ $199.00 and change. For a Total of over $400.00 from my account. And the third time was not the charm, as my account had been bled dry 10 minutes later. When John Smith realized my card was empty, I guess he couldn't buy lunch for every one there. Thats when he called me back and said I was declined.

    Pretty slick. Until my wife checked the card later and seen my account overdrawn $429.00.

    After sleeping on top of the doghouse that night and work the next day, I called my bank Wachovia, and needed fraud help with this.

    After 6 tries, and after John Smith#211 swearing if I was approved, i'd be working with them. He had no way to the cash. After speaking to the Senior Account Manager, John Smith 148, he assured me he'd reverse the charges AFTER I notified him I trackd the times my card was swiped for 2 approvals, and one decline.

    I 3 way'ed the next call with my Wachovia Bank supervisor, and talked to a VERY kind and professional lady there, named Jessica Rabbit. I told her my bank guy was on phone with me, and explained the fragrant OVERCHARGES and timestamps on my account. She Promptly returned every dime to mt account, with my bank guy over her shoulder watching her re-key my cash in my account.

    Sure enough, my bank guy says everything is returned, and Miss Rabbit emailed me copies of ALL the transactions, and i'll also be refunded any fees that pop up like processing, and such.

    Please be carefull with this company, as I didn't get COMPLETELY boned in the @$$ by what happened. Jessica Rabbit, to hher Credit, was VERY helpfull, and returned what was stolen by John Smith #221. Mebee even fired him.

    I can only hope.

  8. barbara1255

    barbara1255 New Member

    I spent $300.00 on the Global Cash Flow Network. What bothers me is that I was not told in the beginning that I needed to spend another $400.00 and then another $1700.00 in order to succeed. It would have been nice to know upfront that you had to make this investment. I just wasted $300.00. That is what the guy told me anyway. Mark Hodges interview with Mary Gersten says all you need is the initial $299.00 to do this business. This was my understanding. Scammed again.
  9. moneyforgreene

    moneyforgreene New Member

    Thanks for the reviews. I just got an email from someone about this opportunity and Mark Hodges sounds so authentic (the audio on the landing page for this opportunity) but if you go to his site it's very similar to another one I found promoting 3 other "legitimate opportunities". This one though... is a "certified media placement specialist" a fancy phrase for internet marketer and beyond? Is that what this really is, training on how to promote stuff and be an affiliate and whatever else? How is this different than Profit Lance or Wealthy Affiliate, except that it costs waaaaaay more. Just wondering. I found enough though to turn me away from it.
  10. kezza_J_1

    kezza_J_1 New Member

    I have signed up with Global Cash Flow and I think they are fantastic. I already had a business through another company, they taught me alot, but not enough to make anything online. THEY ripped me off $5000!

    Then I discovered Global Cash Flow. They are genuine, there guarantee says it all. It's not the company that everyone should be bagging. If you don't make it big online, then you arent cut out for being an entrepeuner. And as for pushy sales people. You just have to learn to say no. I did. I bought what I wanted and then said no to the rest. I am making money with this business opportutnity! You need to be persistent and consistent or you don't make it online.

    This opportunity is the cheapest and best that I have seen and tried so far. I have tried many get rich quick schemes, only to be scammed.

    So if this opportunity isnt working for you, then i think you need to re-evaluate your marketing techniques!


    PS. If any of you would like help with anything to make it online, you can contact me and I would gladly help, cos making it online, does work!
  11. Timu

    Timu New Member

    Very conflicting answers...what is their URL ? Any BBB report?

  12. kezza_J_1

    kezza_J_1 New Member

  13. gracia

    gracia New Member

    Hi Kezza_3_1,
    I want to be able to keep in touch with you. I just signed up for GCFN before seeing this site & now I am frightened that I shouldn't have done so. I have another home business & thought they could help me, so we put out the money. I actually found out about the company through another link that I may have fallen for that is no good. I am hoping you can help me on this, so I won't end up in trouble. I signed the form, thinking, hmmmm, I can certainly make the amt they are suggesting in a yrs time. Well, now I am hesitant. I get my things in the mail in a wk. Praying I didn't really mess up here, as I will have lost everything since I signed the contract for a year. Gracia
  14. gracia

    gracia New Member

    Anyone know of a way out of Global Cash Flow Net. It turns out that I have learned 90 % of what they want to teach, through the business that we already have & was thinking they could help, but nope. Can anyone help? Gracia
  15. civilcad

    civilcad New Member

    To "gracia" and "kezza_J_1":
    I also just joined the GCFN program Nov. 12th and am starting to have my doubts. At first it all sounded like an easy opportunity. At the time I did not know about this Forum site and another site I was later refered to That site has a whole lot of entries about GCFN. Not good! When I signed up I purchased what was called the "Silver Package" for $178.95 with a "money back guarentee after 12 months". PLUS a $47.00 monthly "web maintenance fee" unless I called and cancelled after the first 3 months.
    Then a few days later I get a phone call from a Level I rep to explain the Ultimate Traffic System. Again, me being the naive person on all this, it sounded good and I really wanted to give this a try. You see, I just lost my job after being with the same company for 9 years. So I ended up buying the "guarenteed traffic" for another $1,334.95 for the quarter with the "guarentee" that if I did not make my money back GCFN would purchase the next quarters worth of traffic. So far I have received their 2 binders of information and have received 4-5 email A DAY from Mary with all kinds of "helpful hints" and "BON.USES". I still don't understand why the period is in that word everytime they use it.
    To date I have invested $1,513.90. I do not have the website affiliates from Google, Amazon or Ebay, they promised. I don't have the post cards yet either. But that could take 30-45 days for them to process and send to me. In the meantime my quarter is over.
    I then received a phone call from and the gentleman there was also pitching me his online business and informed me of the GFCN scam. He explained how he had signed up a lady earlier this week to his site and also got her to cancel her account with GCFN and got her credit card charges reversed. I am considering doing the same thing.
    BOTTOM LINE: You have to take it upon yourself to make your own decisions. There are so many mixed reviews on everything out there, not just online opportunities, that it makes it hard for some people to decide what to do. I have not fully decided what to do yet myself. But I do know one thing, after what I have read today about GCFN, if I decide to stick it out I will not invest anymore money and see what happens through the first 12 months.
    Good luck to you and I hope this helps you.
  16. livenlearn

    livenlearn New Member

    I too signed up for GCFN back in June 07. Don't, DON'T, Don't, do this. I only got sucked into around $400. They tried their best to get me to spend more and more. After they figured out I wasn't going to spend anymore money, they stopped calling but the emails after about 3 months added up to around 35-40. All the emails kept repeating themselves. I kept looking through the manual they sent and I "assumed" that the 12 month guarantee was for us the customer. IT'S NOT!! IT'S for Mary Gersten to keep any and all monies that this company has received from you. After the second month I knew that this is not what I wanted to do. Their "14 Things I Can Start Doing Immediately To Promote My Business" is beyond stupid. If you did do all those 14 things. The money you spend just to do the 14 things would cost (I'm guesstimating) around a $1000 if not more. So, I called and I thought as I stated above that I thought the guarantee was for me. It's not. The guy I talked to said that I had to put and ad in every month for 12 months (and they need proof of this, or so I'm told), in order to get any refund. Now, I would get a refund, but if I made any money on this that that amount would be subtracted from the total amount of my refund. A guarantee is a guarantee to us the customers)!! I don't care what this company states. It's a ripoff! It's a scam!!! Luckily I spent $400 (which to me is alot just to "give away"). But add this up for past, present, and furture customers and Mary Gersten is getting very wealthy for doing nothing. And yes. The whole thing of this is to advertise HER company. Please don't do this!
  17. gcfnsupport

    gcfnsupport New Member

    Hi everyone, my name is Tyler Lebo, a liason with the Quality Management Department at Global Cash Flow Network.

    Yes, we are proud members of the Consumer Advocacy Program and committed to resolve any issues with our students.

    We offer a very simple solution for our students. If you are in need of assistance with our program, please contact our office by emailing us at, submitting a ticket to our support desk at: , or calling our Level 2 Support staff Mon-Fri between 9am & 5pm MST at 1-800-719-8270 or International at 1(888)719-2030.

    Global Cash Flow Network and Mary Gersten are committed to provide the finest education in the world today teaching entrepreneurship and advanced business skills.

    For the full story on our commitment to the Consumer Advocacy Program, feel free to check it out at:

    Although we state in advance that as in any business there is inherent risk and students do fail, we are here to do our part in supporting our students. Please contact us and we will work to resolve your questions, concerns and offers solutions to help with your business.

    Thanks & make it a great day,

    Tyler Lebo
    PR Director
    Global Cash Flow Network
  18. chili

    chili New Member

    I got an email endorsement from one of the guru's whose list I am on to join GCFN. I read the sales letter and then did some research on GCFN and it seems that they did in fact have some problems early on but supposedly cleaned up their act. Here is an article that spells out the steps they have taken to make right on past customer issues.
    Make up your own mind, I did and I think I will pass.
  19. bobskuitar

    bobskuitar New Member

    Can anyone tell me how to het out of global cash flow network. I've barley started and I want out. I concurr with everything thats been said about it. Are there any good work at home opportunities that someone can direct me to.
  20. NeoOne

    NeoOne New Member

    GCFN is a rip-off to me. When they first called me, they said it would cost $300 to join. Then, the next time they called, the cost was an additional $2500. And, I'm supposed to mail out these postcards, 400 of them, at $100 for the postage. So far, I've received $30 from them. They claimed that the $2500 was supposed to drive 8000 visitors to my site. I haven't heard form them since I signed up. Does anyone know of a legitimate work-at-home business that doesn't cost a fortune??

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