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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by gregriv69, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. gregriv69

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    For some people this isn't a problem. I personally don't mind at all walking through a messy house to get to my computer. But I know many people who easily get distracted - who start to watch TV, or run the laundry, or do other things. The more that you are drawn away from your task, the less work you will get done - and the less success you will find. I know many people who tried a home office and then had to rent a "real" office space because it was the only way they could make it work. If you are addicted to the TV, or focussed on a clean house, this might not work for you.
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    Maybe you can find a space where you are away from those distraction.
  3. Homeboy

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    Omg, this is so true, especially if you're a procrastinating type like me, lol.

    Personally I need to set aside an "official working time" every day, where the tv has to be off and the house has to be ignored for a while, otherwise I never get anything done.... [​IMG]

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