YouTube Video Backlinks help SEO?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by PeterMFL, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. PeterMFL

    PeterMFL Active Member

    Do backlinks from other websites back to your YouTube videos help them rank?
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  2. Anders J

    Anders J Member

    Yes they do. If the youtube videos link to related topic and uses the same kind of keywords.

    I can advice to look for Jeff Johnson as he is "the guru" when it comes to youtube videos and rankings. He have some free stuff out online that is very good and if you follow it you do get better results than before.
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  3. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    I've actually done the opposite and used youtube to help get traffic to my sites and blogs. ;)

    That works too.
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  4. KB24

    KB24 Active Member

    In the past I have written articles linking you my youtube video and it does work.
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  5. NickHenry

    NickHenry New Member

    Submit your video to RSS.They will affect your ranking.I ranked what way for a good keyword.
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  6. bhagabati

    bhagabati New Member

    Yes.If you want to optimise your youtube video then start building quality backlinks to your youtube video url.Its very easy to optimise a youtube video as compare to a web page.
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  7. Adrian

    Adrian Member

    You could also try using automation tools to help your youtube videos rank well.
    Check out a software program called Tube Toolbox.It has really help me get exposure to my videos.
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  8. echolocs

    echolocs New Member


    Not heard of that before care to elaborate please?
  9. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    Youtube is a big part of my marketing! All of my videos link back to my site. I also link keywords in my blog posts that are relevant to particular videos back to said video. I also often embed a video into a blog post.

    I recently added adsense to my youtube videos and have discovered that is yet another stream of income for me!
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  10. PeterMFL

    PeterMFL Active Member

    I figureed out the answer to this. Backlinks will post it but having the Tags you use also play a VERY big part on your ranking.
    I now rank 2nd for my keywords ;)
  11. echolocs

    echolocs New Member


    Well done with th ranking. Let me know if I have missed anything in the list below.

    Some advice re videos that I got from Jeff Johnson:
    1. name your video file you upload using your primary keyword eg. "6packabstrainingguide.mp4"
    2. Your video title should contain primary and secondary keywords if possible. Use full headline/title allocation
    3. Add tags or keywords to help video get found as the search engine uses them to classify the video.
    4. Description - Use natural description with primary and secondary and related keywords.
    5. Add in annotations to engage audience and link to other videos or to website.
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