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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by jantenucc, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. jantenucc

    jantenucc New Member

    Hello everybody, this is my first post here.

    I am currently working at home for a company called the Zaken Corporation, which is a liquidation company.

    It's been more than a month since I signed up, and I haven't made any money yet, but the program seems promising to me.

    Is anyone else working for this company, and if so, what has been your experience with them?

    If anyone has been successful with Zaken, I would like some advice, and I appreciate any suggestions.

    Thank you,
    Jonathan Antenucci
  2. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Hi Jonathan,

    I have never heard of Zaken before. From your post, it seems to me that they are a network marketing company.

    What I would suggest is that you do some research on them if you are interested on the major search engine such as Yahoo or Google.

    To be honest, I never heard of them before but then again, there are so many MLM compnaies that we never heard of before and are doing very well.

    So do some research online and see how good they are.

  3. JJones

    JJones New Member

    Please do not fall for this one. I know their 22 page advertisement sounds great. I know the people on the phone are nice. You don't know it yet because you want to believe the best in people but PLEASE do not waste your time (or the time of the people who actually have LEGITIMATE businesses (the closeout sellers).

    Please take the advice from someone who has now done this program for 3 months-get your money back-if you can. They will continue to send you other "opportunities" to get you to spend more money. Yes, you will get TONS of leads the world over (and that will lead you to believe this is a legitimate business). The international market is flooded with closeout items people are desperate to unload. Here is the problem. You will arrange for the closeout sellers to send samples to Zaken. Zaken will NEVER buy anything you locate so you will NEVER make any money. The only way Zaken made money is by the initial $148.00 you spent (and the additional money he HOPES you will spend as you receive more enticements for pyramid schemes, post cards, websites, and many more).

    If you truly want to locate closeouts and sell them to retail business' here is what you do: (1) Place an advertisement on and other world trade websites. (2) Tell sellers you are looking to find a buyer for their closeouts; (3) Ask them to send you a few samples of the item; (4) Google "The American Wholesalers and Distributors Directory (A.W.D.D.)" or you can find it at the library in large cities; (5) Contact the buyers in this publication and tell them you have located merchandise for them.

    Zaken promises he will pay you anywhere from 50-70-90% of approximately 8% of the individual retail price (yes only 8%). Here is the problem: once you have wasted your time locating, sending samples, etc. Zaken buys NOTHING. If Zaken doesn't buy it, you don't make any money. 50% OF NOTHING IS NOTHING. If you do decide to start a legitimate closeout locating business, the buyers will not offer you 90% as a finder's fee. This is the real world. Understand?

    If it sounds too good to be true (and I admit this one does) than it IS too good to be true. You can do this business on your own if you really want to. You don't need to line anyone else's pockets to do it!

    I am writing a blog on my experiences. Look for it soon and you will get the whole story!

    [Link removed - Admin]
  4. johnwaugh

    johnwaugh New Member

    Zaken is NOT a scam. Check out They've done an investigation and discovered that all search engine complaints are bogus and were posted by an ex-employee and several competitors.

    I've been an associate of Zaken for 5 month and am VERY HAPPY with the results. Yes, it does require work but I am making money. I can tell you from personal experience, Zaken Corp. is not a scam. Not every deal I locate results in a sell, but one out of several does. You can't sit and expect money to fall out of the sky. But they do help and want you to succeed. That is my experience with Zaken.

  5. Graham scass

    Graham scass New Member

    Hi Jonathan,

    I to have never heard of Zaken before but what i would do is type
    "zaken corporation scams" into google and see if anyone has wrote anything about them this way you will find out if they are genuine or not.

    Good luck.
  6. K27

    K27 New Member

    Hello John,

    I just recieved my pack weekend in the in the mail. Can you give me some advise. If I could just make two deals a week I would be happy.[​IMG]
  7. johnwaugh

    johnwaugh New Member

    Hello K27,

    The only advise I can give you is to trust the business. Zaken is a good company. I know that cause I've been an associate of theirs for a while now and I know the business works. You have to be realistic. You have to give the business a good chance, and not hope for money to fall from the sky. If you put in the effort and follow instructions you can make good money.
  8. cupbucket

    cupbucket New Member

    Your first response to your question is compelling. I absolutely agree with him/her when he/she says you don't need them if you want to do this business.

    I don't mean to be offensive with this statement but - grow a backbone and get into the thick of it. Be courageous and tenacious.

    You can build your own business. If you want help with building a legitimate business there are places you can go to get the help you need.

  9. robela

    robela New Member

    Zaken is definately NOT a scam. I've been working with Zaken for five months now....and these five months has changed my life for the better! I'm making good money and it's so easy but you do have to work at it on the phones or whatever other method you choose to do. Look, alot of these companies may be scams but most are not and the only guarantee on any business you decide to do is your own guarantee to make it work...not get fustrated at the first sign of fustration and claim that it doesnt work and that its a scam. I have alot of friends in different home businesses. Most are successful...some just think that there's some free ride somewhere and will NEVER find what they're looking for. But they'll wake up and learn a life's lesson. I hope this helps.
  10. buysellnow

    buysellnow New Member

    Please call me about the Zaken Corporation. I need some advice.
    Thanks. Allen (910) 264-3366
  11. davidyourfey

    davidyourfey New Member

    Zaken is a great company. I have made allot of money with them. If you give it a try you will be happy you did. But remember you must put and work and call a coach they offer for free.
  12. listentoo

    listentoo New Member

    You should keep going, I made good maney with this company. Just invest some time.
    -D [​IMG]
  13. listentoo

    listentoo New Member

    this is not true! zaken is a good company, I am proof of that!
  14. Actually anyone who has made money with zaken corp please contact me via email. I would like to hear about it, I am a new associate with zaken and I would really love to hear from real people making real money with zaken. use Zaken as the subject please, thank you!
    talk to you soon
  15. mike09

    mike09 New Member

    I recently ordered the the zaken package about a week ago and I'm still waiting for it to come and all. But then I go online to research zaken, and I find some people calling it a scam, and others saying it works. It makes me wonder whether I wasted my money or not.
    I get a bad feeling in my stomach when I read the articles and other replies that call this thing a scam, cause' I feel like I gave my hard earned money to some ripp-off rat. But then I'd feel more confident when I read the replies that say it'll work.
    Now I want to know for sure whose right. But I really want to believe this Zaken thing works. So if you've already tried working with these guys and are making it work, I'd really appreciate some advice.
    My E-mail is: Thatsmrsantana at
  16. Ruck G

    Ruck G New Member

    I just received my packet and was suddenly shocked that they suggest you spend more money for web page (very expensive) and additonal money for leads. Needless to say, I was ready to send my packet back, but decided to call the company. They were very impressive and said that those things were optional. So, I decided to hold off and give it a try.
    I am 76 years old and need to make money but do not want ot waste my time.
    If anyone is making money with this adventure would you please send me an email. I would like to talk to someone that is involved and is aware of the overall positives and negatives of this business.
    My email is
  17. otis43s

    otis43s New Member

    Zaken wonderers. First keep in mind that a company like this uses plants. These are people that say whatever the company wants. They're getting paid to do a commercial. I have been in the business for over 40 years (A legit one) and these bozos make money selling promises to you. There are always a few that make a little money but keep in mind, what they make is very little. Before you sign up for come ons like this ask yourself, WHY? are they doing this. It's comparable to the person that says he has made so many millions, that now for a small fee, he wants to share and make you rich too. Let's face it. Would you? Of course not. And then there's the man that will sell his SECRET on making it in the casino. If it was true what they were saying, they wouldn't need you. They would hire their own staff or proffessionals that know how to close these kind of deals. As I said, I did this for 40 years and I guarantee you, you would be left in the dust. Do you have any idea how many YEARS it took me to be good at it? You'll make more selling on Ebay. Do your research BEFORE you put out money and forget what every one from that company is telling you. Make your own decisions based on facts. Remember Elvis' song, Fools Rush In
  18. Lucky1

    Lucky1 New Member

    Look, here is my take on starting a bussiness. I started my own business driving my own commercial truck seven yrs ago and was successful with it. Until I herniated two discs back in March of this year. I have been doing research on any and all types of businesses I can work from home, due to my inability to be physical. I still needed to bring in an income. I spent soo much time researching, but well worth it, to find out that the best way to know if you are going in the right direction is you will feel a little scared and alot excited. If it is the other way around, DON'T DO IT, but you need to ask yourself, "Does this excite me more than it scares me?" If you believe, you stick with it, you WILL SUCCEED! GOD BLESS ALL OF US AND GOOD LOOK IN ALL YOUR VENTURES [​IMG]
  19. Check and to find out real problems that people have had with his company.
  20. Rad4JC

    Rad4JC New Member

    Oh my...we just got the 22 page letter in the mail today & read tempting as it sounded so good...just Googled them & found so many bad reports on them. Here's one guy's experience (a nightmare)--his blog that you'll want to read:

    You know...they say "if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is." I'd hang my hat on that one! Steer clear of Zaken! And also steer clear of Tom Bosley's SMC Corp...we got into that, and had a heck of a time getting a refund...months! And they were very misleading & rude to us. Hope all this help!


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