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    Hi everyone. I didn't find a post on the mlm company called Zinzino; it's a 10 year old company and opened in the States last year, growing at about 50% annually. I was introduced to the business and found it very unique and loved the products so I became a distributor.


    What I found very interesting was that in addition to marketing superior health products (omega3 fish oils) the company also works with a third party, an academic hospital in Trondheim, Norway, to test the dry blood samples to prove the product works. As far as I know, this is the first time in the history of network marketing that there is scientific medicine on our side of the table speaking for the products, so nobody can question whether they work.

    So I became my own first customer and personally found it clearer to think since fish oil's DHA contributes to brain function. My mother got rid of her knee pain, for one. So I'm very happy for that. My dad's content with just the coffee, he finds it practical to just be a customer and use products without being involved in the business.

    Another thing I said yes for is that we're the only nwm company in the world that sells health products which have, for instance, received top points when screened by the food authorities of Denmark, in all 10 categories.

    I won't list all the unique points here, but this last one basically still gives me pride most times I think about it: The biggest economy magazine in Scandinavia, Dagens Industri granted us the Gazelle prize last year, which is very highly valued. It means that economy reporters analyze stock echange companies in Stockholm and less than half a percent get this prize annually. To get it there has to be a long, great track record for the last 4 years, everything has to work, and a certain number of people have had to be employed, etc. The last sentence in the Gazelle goes "Gazelle companies lead a very important role in the economic growth of Sweden, and the Gazelle companies are exemplary for all entrepreneurs."

    Thoughts? I'm personally excited and think it's going to be a great ride.
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    Sounds like a great product and a company that knows where they are going. I would like to know how you are coming with the company, as I am also with a Organic health MLM company that has great products. Do you find it difficult to market the products?
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    Hi Ron, sorry for the late reply. Thanks, the board knows what they are doing and deep space is the limit, heh.

    Well, I'll be honest with you, when I first started this business I had no experience of our profession and projected that lack of knowledge toward everyone, so it was a rocky start. The average ratio of customers per distributor is currently 7:1 which I think I would've already achieved had I known what I was doing back then. I do find the coffee products easily marketable now that I'm skilled and teach those skills to people. The health products though, I'm average and still learning.

    I've always wondered how it differs to do network marketing in countries other than Finland. Here, people pretty much automatically equate what we do with those pyramid schemes and don't listen to facts. So the products are not really difficult to market, whereas the market itself is difficult.
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    Yeah thats basically how it is everywhere. People are skeptical about the Network Marketing. I wrote a huge post on this on my blog called ''what is the perfect career". Its basically saying that most people have tried MLM and failed, and now that they failed, they swear to say that it is a scam. If you can get over this, and show people that it is a legitimate, or even better way to make, you will do well in your company as far as recruiting; even if you are in Finland.

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