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Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by Savvie, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. Savvie

    Savvie New Member

    Anyone here try Zion 5 yet? It just launched today.

    It's completely FREE advertising.

    Looked confusing at first, but after joining up I saw tons of people advertising their biz, so I gave it a try....

    Within minutes, I had people signing up for my biz! Talk about a lot of exposure .. anyone else trying this??
  2. juno44444

    juno44444 New Member

    I just signed up and it's on the other browser window is open as we speak. I am still trying to figure it out ... is this like social networking except you are allowed to advertise?
  3. Savvie

    Savvie New Member

    It's set up different from anything I've seen before, and I'm still learning...

    You have the ability to click on any name and request for them to be a "contact." Once a day you can post an ad about your website. The more people you have in your "contact" list, the more people are going to see your ad. So the idea is to get as many people as contacts as possible .. which is pretty easy to do cause everybody else wants contacts with you as well. More contacts = more exposure. Then people join the ones that appeal to them.

    I think when you get people to join Zion 5 and create a downline it gives you a second avenue of exposure as well. People can look at all the biz opps in a alphabetical listing. If someone in your downline clicks on one that you're in, it takes them to your website.

    I'm still trying to figure it all out, but I do know that within just a few minutes of posting my one ad for the day, I had several people sign up for my biz, so I'm liking it so far, lol.

    Anybody else who's figured out more, please share the info!
  4. juno44444

    juno44444 New Member

    Yes I was starting to figure it out. Only thing I didn't like is that if you put an affiliate link in your message, and someone else before you has put an affiliate link to the same website, and then someone clicks your link, the other person gets the commission unless the person who clicked was in your own downline. Because the first person to enter an affiliate link for a certain website gets all commissions to that website if anyone clicks who is not in your own downline.

    Then I couldn't figure out how to tell if I was the first person or not, to enter an affiliate link for a certain website.

    Other than that it seems good. Especially if you are promoting your own site, I suppose. I will keep testing it out.
  5. maricel

    maricel New Member

    Signed up just before I saw this thread, its fun and no one ever says no to being your contact [​IMG]

    If you are feeling unloved this is a good one

  6. Savvie

    Savvie New Member

    Yes, that is so true ~ it didn't take long for me to get over 200 contacts ... and still growing!

    The great thing is, every time I put up my ad for the day, I get people signing up for my biz! .... this is too fun!
  7. Savvie

    Savvie New Member

    The countdown has started!
    Soon Zion 5 will be using it's 'strength in numbers' where we will all swarm to a given site and help each other become successful! We will be doing a 'test run' to a traffic site ~ this is pretty fun, lol.
  8. stacy

    stacy New Member

    I signed up a few days ago. Where do I get my link to advertise Zion 5?
  9. mywirebiz

    mywirebiz New Member

    Hi Stacy, When you logged on to zion5, click Referring on the left hand site map. Then you will see your zion5 link.

    Merry Xmas and Happy Holiday.

  10. Savvie

    Savvie New Member

    Yes, clicking on the various choices on the left side column really helps to become familiar with Zion 5 and everything it has to offer.

    Best wishes to a Happy and Successful New Year guys!!
  11. xeonkar007

    xeonkar007 New Member

    lets see how it works..

  12. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    I really like Zion 5. Its easy to build a list and if you are interested in a certain program there will most certainly be someone that is in that program in the database.

    The downside just like any other network is that most of the users are in business themselves and looking for clients just like you are. I think that the service is great for affliate programs especially the free ones as you are getting access to a wide base.

    Ill update you more as I go on. I spent the first 3 days not knowing how to add contacts at all. I wish that there was a FAQ page explaining a few details. But after just messing around a bit im starting to get it.

    Happy Holidays

    Adam Frederick
    Coastal Level III Director
    Founder of A-Team Coastal Vacations FREE Apprentice Program
    302 327 6263
  13. FreeLink

    FreeLink New Member

    Zion5 it's a free social network for money makers.

    As I started to join few programs and post mine, soon many others marketers joined.

    Now after months of using, I notice if I post new programs, not even one join...

    Zion 5 it's good for many tiers affiliate programs. If it's just one tier commission, you loose that...

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