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    If you have ever heard the concept IFW (Incentivized Freebie Websites) then you probably thought it was something that would require you to jump through a ton of hoops and complicated requirements just to make a few pennies or a dollar or 2, or perhaps you just heard IFWs were nothing but scams you should avoid.

    That's what I thought too until I came across a site called ZNZAdTeam.com and watched an extremely informative video that explained an ingenious way to incorporate the concept of IFW's to earn the most money by utilizing the leverage of a complete and simple auto-pilot marketing system!

    Personally, I am a huge fan of systems like ZNZ Ad Team, having used as well as created similar systems myself, being the creator/owner of EZDownlines4u.com and others, simply because they utilize the power of leverage to create multiple income streams for the user by simply sending their visitors to one website link.

    ZNZ Ad Team is an independent program who merely promotes and works with an affiliate network called ZipNadaZilch promoting 2 main ZNZ programs- ZNZ One and ZNZ Two and although it's NOT required, you have the option to join and promote ZNZ BIGCASH as well as a company called Netspend too. That's up to you whether you want to participate in these 2 programs or not. ZNZ Ad Team is not owned or operated in any way by ZipNadaZilch. The system does ALL the explaining for you and provides free training, resources and marketing tools as well as your own free customized website embedded with your affiliate links and details.

    Whether you have formed an opinion about working with IFW's or not, I have found it to be a wonderful way to make easy extra cash without having to spend any money (or at least very minimal) for as long as you want. Once you have completed just 3 offers total in ZNZ One and ZNZ Two, you're done. You will never be required to complete another offer in these 2 programs again and you are then qualified to earn unlimited $20 and $30 cash rewards forever.

    The most important advice I will give is, as with any opportunity or business you have to do your due diligence by carefully following the instructions and reading the terms and conditions of every offer to avoid any problems or misunderstandings about how and when to cancel the trials you sign up for. I saved the terms of cancellation with the phone number and other details in my Microsoft Outlook tasks with a reminder to pop up when it was time to cancel so I wouldn't forget and end up being charged because like many folks, I'm not a spring chicken anymore, I have a lot going on and tend to forget things. :)

    I made $90 within the first few weeks using ZNZ Ad Team doing nothing more than sending a couple of emails out to listbuilders and safelists and expect to make much more in the coming weeks as I expand my promotions out into other various methods of advertising. I didn't encounter any issues with either ZNZ Ad Team or ZipNadaZilch. I was credited immediately upon signing up for the offers I chose and had no problems cancelling the offers with the companies afterward. They were friendly and helpful and didn't pressure me into keeping the offer either. I found it to be a very pleasant and easy experience. I highly recommend ZNZ Ad Team for anyone who wants to make good extra money from home without having to spend any money.


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    But your ZNZ Ad Team link leads to a useless page...?!?

    Maybe you could detail what ZNZ Ad Team has to offer that will help make someone successful with ZNZ...

    IFW's are a legit source of income but can often be much more trouble than they're worth - a well functioning and effective marketing system is crucial.

    Otherwise it can be an extremely time consuming venture.
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    Hey thanks TJam for checking, the link is fixed now. Sorry about that. Hey it's good to see your still here in the forum, it's been a long time, I think is was back in 2008 when I joined and you were here then.

    I agree, if it wasn't for the fact that ZNZ Ad Team IS an effective marketing system I wouldn't try to promote ZipNadaZilch on it's own, at least not without a good system in place. I know there are other similar systems
    out there as well but I personally like ZNZ Ad Team myself.

    By using the ZNZ Ad Team system, you are offering your visitors and referrals the opportunity to earn multiple income streams. For every referral you have the potential to earn as much as $130 and up to $145 with the ZipNadaZilch's BigCash 15% bonus they have been offering the last several months. And you do it by just by promoting one link instead of promoting 4. Like I already mentioned above, the system does ALL the explaining for you and provides free training, resources and marketing tools as well as your own free customized website embedded with your affiliate links and details. Plus the site tracks your visitors and where they came from.

    You just send traffic to your one link and the system does the rest for you with step by step instructions, what the opportunity is all about and what to expect.

    Plus I offer my own personal bonuses, incentives, help and training to my own referrals as well in addition to the resources and training provided by ZNZ Ad Team.

    As far as making someone successful as you asked, the system is designed to provide you with the tools and support you need to make money with this much easier than doing it on your own, but as you already know I'm sure, success depends on YOU and what YOU do with the tools you're given. Yes, you need to promote as you do with any other opportunity. Success doesn't just happen and money will just fall in your lap. You have to put in the effort. ZNZ Ad Team just makes that effort easier.
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