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    Anyone know about this company?

    Anyone make any money yet here?

    How are the health products?
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    Another one I haven't heard of - check out the ripoffreport.com and see if you can find anything about them.
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    I checked them out and the gal that I talked with had 35 people in her downline and only made like $77 - I happen to know there are better comp plans but then maybe they have bonuses that override that??
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    Thanks i will check out ripoff report too!
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    This thread is pretty old, but I will share my experience with Zrii and information about the product for your enjoyment.

    So, I'm going to give my review of Zrii for a second time. The first time evidently had too many links or the wrong type.

    Ok, I intend on doing the Zrii review in 2 parts - first the products and then the compensation plan.

    The Products:
    Zrii Liquid Nutrition is one of many antioxidant juice drinks available as an MLM. It is based on the eastern medicine philosophy of Ayurveda. This uses 6 distinct tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent to promote balance in the body.

    The key ingredient is the Amalaki fruit. This indian gooseberry is wildcrafted and receives added nutrients from the glacial run-off where these berries are harvested.

    In addition, Amalaki contains phytonutrients, amino acids, trace minerals, anti-oxidants, polyphenols, tannins, bioflavonoids?substances well-documented for their ability to promote cellular rejuvenation and overall vitality.
    Ellagic and gallic acid, and emblicanin?polyphenols that may help to reduce cellular oxidative stress, destroy free radicals and support the detoxification of the body.
    Rutin, quercetin superoxide dismutase?substances that can contribute to amalaki's anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and youth-promoting qualities.
    Ascorbagins?"mighty molecules" that are shown to create a protective bond around their own rich source of vitamin C molecules, making them more bio-available than synthetic varieties.
    Amalaki is only one of the seven active Zrii ingredients. The other six enhance the effectiveness of amalaki, and also contain incredible nutritive qualities themselves. For example, jujube is high in vitamin C, while ginger is a good source for magnesium and other trace minerals. Others include:

    Turmeric (Curcuma ionga) Native to tropical South Asia, Turmeric demonstrates the ability to compliment circulation and digestion and has been used for thousands of years as a safe anti-inflammatory

    Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) Tulsi, also spelled tulasi and referred to as holy basil, is an aromatic plant known to enhance digestion and intestinal health, and recent studies suggest that Tulsi may be effective as a painkiller and may help reduce glucose and cholesterol levels.

    Schizandra (Schizandra chinensis) Schizandra is a famous tonic known for many qualities?preserve youth as a beauty tonic, help mental function and memory, and improve overall strength.

    Jujube (Ziziphus zizyphus) Jujube fruit has been cultivated for over 4,000 years and is known to support the immune system with its high levels of vitamin C.

    Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) Haritaki has been shown to nourish tissues?particularly the heart, liver, and kidney?and treat diseases of the eye, and by blocking the ability to utilize sugars, Haritaki may have cholesterol-lowering qualities and help eliminate bacteria.

    With that said, Zrii is actually more an herb drink than a juice drink. Its flavor base is pomegrante and it does contain pear juices as well, which have given competitors much fuel for unsubstantiated claims about its efficacy. I have noticed many other MLMers with other juice companies write bold accusations about our product because in their biased opinion "it is little more than some junk juices". You won't find me giving unsubstantiated negative opinions of other buisness owners' products, so I wish they would stop ridiculing mine.

    Zrii juice is more alkaline than other (acai-berry based) antioxidant drinks, which prolonged ingestion of highly acidic juices can lead to autotoxication.

    In addition, Zrii The Original Amalaki bears the endorsement of Dr. Deepak Chopra - the highest paid author and speaker on alternative medicine in the world. He has staked a tremendous reputation on the product and that's why I believe there will be a large following for this supplement.

    Its cost is a little steep at $120 per month autoshipment, but the compensation plan which will be detailed in a subsequent post will address this challenge.

    The second product is a new protein-based weight management product that I have personally seen work safely and quickly. It's a meal replacement shake fortified with vitamins and minerals and other organic, natural matabolism jump-starting ingredients.

    You modify your diet to six meals per day and then substitute the shake for 1 or 2 meals. It tastes good and doesn't clump up like a lot of protein shakes I've tried in the past. I have much experience with protein shakes from my time working out in the Marines, so I have had some really good ones and some really bad ones. This shake is void of most thickeners that come in typical GNC protein powders so you can mix it without needing a blender or a shaker bottle. You really can just throw it in a bottle with a cup of milk or water and shake and drink it.

    Zrii also does a quarterly weightloss competition in conjuction with the product for cash and prizes. In 11 weeks, one distributor lost 102 lbs and won $5,000. This really helps energize others to improve their health and compete for the prizes. This is very good for team leaders. Incentivizing others to use the weightloss product leads to their own weight-loss and gives prospects a great base for seeing the first hand accounts of the product's legitimacy. This is a smart marketing move and it also makes being a rep a fun and rewarding experience.

    So there are the two products - thrown to the wolfpack. I'm ready to take questions and comments from you all, just please be respectful and come prepared with actual information from academic sources if we want to have a debate about antioxidants. You can expect me to do the same. Scam.com does not count as an academic source. [​IMG]

    For more info visit the Zrii website at http://www.zrii.com
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    The Compensation Plan

    My company Zrii - like all of yours, boasts to having the best compensation plan in the MLM industry. I'm sure most won't agree, haha, but that's what spirited debate is all about. Here's how it breaks down and what I like about it.

    1. You get to buy the products wholesale and sell them for whatever you wish. You keep the difference of course.

    2. Retail bonuses paid on your Preferred Customers' monthly autoship purchases

    3. Enroller Retail Bonus (paid weekly)
    Earn immediate income for growing your business. Bonus percentages are based on initial product sales. Anywhere from $40 for a minimum entry order to $300 for a business in a box type package.

    Rising Star Pool (paid monthly)
    Be rewarded for generating volume from new IEs and/or PCs. This monthly paid pool is made up of 3% of total market CV and is paid pro-rata amongst qualifiers. You must accrue 10 shares to get into this pool. This can be done in myriad ways. The initial order a new enrollee comes in at is valued in shares. A 120 autoship enrollee comes in at .5 share, but a business in a box nets you 6 shares. So whether you enroll 20 at $120 or 1 at $1500 and another at $1000 gets you 10 shares. There's no limit to the number of shares you can get. Last month for example the shares were valued at $183 per share which meant anyone in the pool got $1830. One person in my team had 30 shares and another had 17.

    Team Commissions (paid weekly)
    Earn 10% of your pay leg Organizational Volume (OV).

    Matching Bonus (paid weekly)
    Match the team commissions of the independent executives you enroll and their downline (up to 5 generations dynamically compressed). Depending on your rank you get 20%,10%,5%,5%,5% of your downline's INCOME.

    Leadership Pool (paid monthly)
    Share in 1% of the entire company?s total global commissionable sales. Qualified 8 Stars and above earn one share in this pool for every 1,000 CV increase in their pay leg in a month.

    Achievement Bonus (one-time bonuses)
    Maintain your personal achievements for a specified number of months as you progress through the ranks of the company and earn bonuses totaling over $1.5 million.

    Premium Executive Rewards (variable bonuses)
    Reaching the premium levels of the Prosperity Plan earns you multiple bonuses and rewards, including multiple bonuses and our BMW reimbursement program.

    What I like most about this compensation plan is that it really allows new team members to get a check in the mail early on. And a nice sized one at that if they work hard their first month. Once a new enrollee makes $1000 in that first month, they are motivated out the gate to find others. Also, since they get a real paper check, they can show their prospects - "look this is my first check in only 1 month I made X"

    Keeping people fired up early on is crucial and I think that spells success. In addition, the additional bonuses for opening up new foreign markets are incredible. I speak Japanese so I'm excited to get back there and open up that market. Anyone who makes our 7-star rank in the first year of that new country is entitled to shares in 1% of the entire country's volume forever. That could be huge and is really exciting.

    Anyway, there's the info on the Zrii Compensation plan. Now, please enlighten me on how terrible it is.

    As far as reports of someone having that sized downline and only getting a $77 dollar check they must be mistaken. Even with 2 people in my downline early on, I still made more than that. I am very pleased with the income earned from Zrii.

    For more info visit the Zrii website at http://www.zrii.com
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    Draper, Utah - Coinciding with the NCAA basketball tourney, Zrii today announced it's Raining Threes March Madness promotion which gives even more incentive to build a home based business with Zrii.

    The Raining Threes promotion pays $33.33 per minimum order of $120 PV and distributors are paid an added $100 for signing up 3 new people. This means that through the month of March for every 3 people you sign up, you'll receive 50% of their minimum order.

    Couple this with Zrii's 8 other ways to get paid in the unique hybrid binary pay plan and distributors have 10 different ways to make money selling the world's only natural health products endorsed by the world famous Chopra Center for Wellbeing founded by Dr. Deepak Chopra, MD.

    This promotion allows a customer to sign up 3 people and cover the cost of their own autoship everything beyond that is profit.
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    Reminds me of the Melaluca program, the problem I always had was getting my downline to actually sell something. How are the actual Zrii products?
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    Marktech: Reminds me of the Melaluca program, the problem I always had was getting my downline to actually sell something. How are the actual Zrii products?
    The products are very good. The testimonials speak for themselves. People are losing a ton of weight with the weight loss product.

    Getting the downline to sell isn't that hard at all. This company has a hybrid binary, so basically we build it two by two...

    If you find two other people to buy the product, we (the upline and current new distributor) get on 3-way calls with new prospects until they find they their two... and so on and so on...

    Life's a whole lot easier when you've only got to find two customers instead of hundreds...
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