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    I do. What would you like to know?
  3. mochamama

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    Are you a part of the business? If so, how is it working for you?
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    mochamama: Are you a part of the business? If so, how is it working for you?
    No, I'm no longer part of the business. I
    left because I found something that was a
    better fit for me.

    I personally do have reservations about the
    company. I hate to speak anything negative
    about them because I have a lot of people that
    I am friends with and highly respect in the company,
    but I think the company needs to change a few
    things to make it really big in the industry.

  5. talfighel

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    Hello and welcome,

    Looks to me like it is a network marketing company.

    Why don't you go to Google and do a search for them. How long have they been in business. What others are saying, if they are a part of the BBB which they don't have to be in order to be legit.

    Mostly, see what others are saying. If you find a good number of positive comments then you know that they are good.

    Do some research by going to Google and see if it fits you or not.

    I personally never heard of them before. There are so many out there online that new ones pop up each day.

  6. mochamama

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    Thanks, Tal. I already did all that. I just find it helpful to be able to ask questions of people who are or have been in a business and have that personal experience. Someone, that is, other than the person who'd like to recruit me. Besides, sometimes the things you find online are distorted and just confuse the issue. People have personal vendettas or work with a competing company... you know how that goes. Overall, I've found almost all positive about this one, but there are always things you only learn once you're on the inside, unless you find someone who'll be honest and upfront with you.
  7. blessedathome

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    I am not a part of Zurvita but I can tell you the owner of the company Mark Javis was my Upline in Ameriplan and when he left Ameriplan to start Zurvita almost everyone in the company went with him. Him and his wife Tracy are very good people. The reason they left Ameriplan and started Zurvita was because they wanted a business model where everyone benefited even the people just joining not just the people at the top.

    Like I said they are very good people with a genuine heart for helping others.

    The companies start up costs were too high for me personally otherwise I would have followed them over there. But if I was to refer you to one person to sign up with I would say google Wendy Hiemenz Zurvita. She was also in my direct upline and will move heaven and earth to help you if she can.

    Basically almost everyone in Zurvita was a National Sales Director with Ameriplan making anywhere from 5-7 figures per year. So they really know what they are doing and you would be in good hands.

    I hope this gives you a real life example of the type of people that are over at Zurvita.
  8. mochamama

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    Thanks blessedathome. That was really helpful. Best to you in your future pursuits.
  9. blessedathome

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    No Problem Mochamama. Thank you and same to you as well. [​IMG]
  10. FreeCashMan

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  11. blessedathome

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    I really am not sure how to answer that question. I would say do some research on them through search engines, articles and message boards. I do not think anyone here is with Zurvita we just know the people that run it. I would imagine that they do have different products/services but it would be best to contact someone actively working Zurvita to get a real idea of what it is all about.

    Search out honest people and I am sure you will find honest answers.

  12. platnium

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    I work for Zurvita and so far the money I put in to start already I made over half back. So I do not fell like I lost out on anything. I do find this company is for motivated, go getters meaning we have to put some work in to get something out of it. I also have a residule income from the company also. Believe me I am still learning and this is a company I feel good about. At first I really did not know if this was for me. You can just use your conmputer to get people doing what you do and never have to go in person. Its a choice if this is for you. Just because this message sound good its your decision. This may or may not be for you. Good luck to you.
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    I am with AmeriPlan and Mark and Tracy were my uplines. They left the company because they wanted to start their own company but they ended up being employees rather then owning. They are great people but some fishy stuff was going on.

    Zurvita's products are harder to sell but if you are a pro at selling then that would not be an issue. Good Luck![​IMG]
  14. wedidyoucan

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    My name is Chris Smith, my wife and I started our Zurvita business in March of 2008. We also followed over from Ameriplan after 2 and a half years with that company. We spent 2 years in another company prior to that.

    In the four and a half years in the other two companies we had made about 3000.00, total. The first company we had very little success and with AP made it to Senior Sales Director.

    First month in Zurvita we earned over 3700.00 dollars. We have promoted to the top level in Zurvita and earn a company trip to the Bahamas.

    Zurvita has been life changing to us and we would recommend it.

    I also don't slander other companies or people, Mark and Tracy did and are doing exactly what they set out to do. Build a company that glorifies God, a company where people win at every level and a company that is full of wonderfully humble leaders.

    I am winning here after not winning other places, God is good.
    Just find what is right for you. I believe God leads the right people to the right place.

    Good luck in your search

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